Tamil New Year Releases

The Good:

                I generally watch Telugu remakes with some trepidation. Vijayashanthi movies and movies like Jayam are the reasons for my fear. But “Santhosh Subramanian” is an exception. A remake of “Bommarillu” , it is a super movie. Essentially a movie looking at a Father – Son relationship, it has the right mix of comedy, romance and sentiment. Prakash Raj plays the father who is intent on guiding Ravi his son. Enter Genelia a carefree (oops) gal and Ravi falls head over heels in love with her. The rest of the movie is about how Ravi breaks from his dad’s hold.


    • Genelia has got a super role in this movie, and she performs well and how. She is the life and soul of this movie. The fact that she is cute and very attractive also adds to the charm. After all, we cant see a half clad Shriya all the time, can we?
    • The humor works big time. Santhanam and MS Bhaskar are at their best. Infact you will be laughing throughout the movie.
    • Prakash Raj is his usual reliable self, with his subtle, no over the top acting.



    • Songs: They are just okay
    • Ravi’s dance: Though he does emote well, his dancing is awkward and we can see that he is straining himself to dance


In a nutshell, Go For It.

The Bad: 

                I watched a piece of crap called Yaaradi Nee Mohini the past weekend. I think it was the third time in my life that I ever regretted entering a theatre, the previous ones being, K3G and Unnai Ninaithu. Movies are primarily meant to entertain, and a small percent of movies educate. Since YNM failed to entertain me, I hope to find some hidden lessons in the movie.

    • Typing something during system boot will crash the whole network
    • Either Australia is in Asia, or Asia has moved to Australia. Heroine says that there is an onsite opportunity to Australia and they go to Malaysia.
    • Coding for a whole project is simple and can be finished in one night. Just copy the program from Yashwant Kanitkar’s “Let Us C”.


                The movie is abound with a whole lot of cliches. Apart from a song which reminded me of “Enthan Uyir Thozhi” from Winner, the songs didnt appeal much. The only factor which was quite new was that the heroines betrothed baekkaandi got angry when he found that his friend had betrayed him rather than saying, “Nee en Nanban da”. Still wonder how this movie got some good reviews.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini – Yaaradi Mokkanee. Sad sad film

The Unknown:

                 Any idea about “Nepali”, people??

4 Responses to “Tamil New Year Releases”
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  2. aparnas says:

    Wonder when Ravi will learn to act in “original” movies rather than remakes all the time.. And yen pa.. Pazahni parthu pithu pidichadhu podhadha?? Naadu vittu naadu poi loose aaganuma.. 😛

    Gans: Avan original movieslayum nadichirukkaan. Ever seen a movie called Das? If no, pls chk immediately. Soober movie. Phew….As for Pazhani, thats a movie so bad, that its good :). Nee Summa vettarathukku avan Elani illa Palani. Yabbaaa

  3. Jet says:

    dude u left out ‘tamizh’ GD performance by danush ROFL stuff

    Gans: Aiyyo, athu agmark “Enna koduma saar ithu” 😀

  4. Ananth says:

    Good that i din watch yaaradi nee mohini 🙂

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