I have seen some movies with this particular scene:


“An old man/ woman is seen struggling for life. They are shown breathing heavily. Cut to a hospital, where a pregnant female is shown at the last stage of pregnancy. Some more scenes reinforce the fact that the old person is going to die, and the female is going to deliver. The death and birth happens at the same moment. The remaining seniors remark, “unga thaathaavae/ paattiyae intha kuzhanthaiyaa vanthu poranthirukku (Your grandfather/ mother has reborn as your son/ daughter)”. Scene closes.”


Hmmm…. My question is, “isn’t it logical for the old person to die when the female gets pregnant since the fetus already has a life? 🙂 What if a movie has a scene like this? The chance is remote, but you never know….


Break Cliches



Um, on second thoughts, the probability of getting pregnant immediately is quite low. So much for my attempts to introduce logic!! 🙂


One Response to “Cliches….”
  1. Jet says:

    wat else from me
    ‘ada paavi !!!’

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