Story, Screenplay and Direction: Some Naidus and Rayudus or some assistant of Perarasu

Music: Some Assistant director (Guess Vidyasagar had gone out for tea)

Lyrics: T Rajendar and Perarasu. How else can you explain the horrendous lyrics like “Mozhu mozhunnu emma emma”?


Kuruvi will be ranked among one of the worst Vijay movies, me thinks. An initial scene shows Vijay winning a car race with a broken down car. A typical mass hero scene, it should have got a heavy applause. But since the theatre was half empty, there wasn’t any applause at all. The director should be appreciated though for this nice metaphor. As Vadivel would say, “Antha car, intha padam…. Antha car driver, intha hero. Aetho sammantham irukkara maathiriyae irukkilla”. The story goes like this. Vijay is a car racer. His father has run away (that’s what they think when he is missing). To settle the debt on their house, he goes to Malaysia as a kuruvi (sort of a courier guy). He also tries to meet Cocha (Suman in a Sivaji get up) so that he can get back the 50 lakhs which was given by his father, from Suman.The usual double crossing events happen and Vijay learns that his father is imprisoned in Cudappah in Andhra, as a labourer. The rest of the movie is how he helps his father and the other people there escape. In the process, Trisha (Cocha’s sister) and Vijay fall in love.


The stunts are pretty much spiderman stuff. You have one scene where Vijay jumps around some 1 km from a building top to a train. The comedy is very average fare. It’s the violence which jars. I am really not sure how this film was given a U/A certificate with the number of hackings shown on screen. Is it really okay for children to watch this movie with their parents? The censor board comes across as a board with some really hare brained people. If scenes which titillate are perfectly okay in an U/A movie (the scene where Vijay’s mother tries to cure Trisha’s sprain), I really don’t know why scenes have to be trimmed from an ‘A’ Rated movie like “The Lives Of Others”.


But the real disappointment is the songs. None of the songs are average, let alone good. There was a time when Vijay’s movie used to run just for the songs, but not this time.


It was last rumored that members of a particular party who demanded tickets for the Parliamentary elections found themselves with tickets to this movie and their purses considerably lightened. 🙂

2 Responses to “Kuruvi”
  1. Jet says:

    he he last rumour s the best 🙂

  2. Balaji says:

    The movie is not bad.Can be watched once for sure.

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