Sar Pass Travelogue – 3

Part 1 and part 2 is over here and here

On Saturday morning, it was finally time to cross Sar Pass. The plan was to start at 0630 hrs so that Sar Pass can be crossed by 1230 hrs. The problem was that snow would start melting as the day progressed. We finally managed to start at 0730 hrs (guess I am right about the starting time). The path was pretty steep in the initial stages and it opened out to stretches and stretches of snow. It was a very pretty sight to behold. That it became tiresome after 2 hours of walking on snow was a different issue 😛 You really dont know how deep the snow is. With fresh snow, sometimes you find yourself in knee deep snow.

(Endless snow)

(Yeah, its me…..)

We encountered lots of ice patches on the way (can I call them glaciers??). It was fun writing our names on them.

(Until the next fall)

After walking for a long time, we finally reached a stretch which we had to cross to get to the last leg of Sar Pass. I didnt know that God would test me, Ragi and Punarvasu big time then 🙂 In terms of being slender, it will be Ragi, me and Punarvasu. In the descending order, that is. Sorry Ragi 😛 That stretch I was talking about was very tricky and before we realised, Ragi slipped. The guide who came to rescue Ragi was also pulled down by Ragi 🙂 I slipped next (The trek leader pulled me down 😦 ) and Punarvasu next. It would have been a very big slide if the guides werent there. Thank God for them.

The descent actually started with sliding down from Sar Pass (13800 feet). It was really an awesome experience. Imagining sliding through some 100 feet of snow (might have got that measurement wrong). We were asked to keep all purses, cameras, etc inside the bag as it might fall out during the slide. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the slide. Except for J. She created such a ruckus that Lord Shiva might have peeped out from Mt. Kailash 😀

There was another stretch which quite scared us, enroute Biskeri. We had to cross a river log and had to do some rappeling to get to the log.

(That river log, we had to cross)

(Slippery Sultan 🙂 )

Ragi and I had another “God is there” experience here. It was during rappeling for me and for him during river crossing.

Biskeri was the next camp and we were all pretty tired once we reached there. We had walked for about 10 hours on that day alone. The next day, we had to start for Bhander thatch and some people started thinking about skipping that camp and going to the base camp directly. The camp leader would have none of it (and thankfully so) and the next day we started off for Bhanderthatch.

(View from Bhanderthaatch)

Bhanderthatch is a nice place full of grasslands. We had quite a but of fun there, playing kho kho. The terrain was slippery and everybody had fun running and slipping while playing. The day ended with a campFIRE 🙂 and everybody were encouraged to sing songs.

(The camp at Bhanderthaatch)

The next day, we started the journey back to the base camp. We had to trek till a place from where we would get buses to the base camp. The trek was uneventful till a point where we (Ragi, J, Punarvasu and I) found that we were the last persons. YHAI should be seriously thanked as they had clear arrows painted on rocks and that helped us a lot. Until we came to a point where we couldnt find any arrows. A local finally guided us to a bridge (and the arrows as well) to cross to the opposite bank. That place was very very picturesque.

(The place we got lost. Very picturesque)

Finally, we came to a place where we took the Hydro electric organisation (Parvati valley project) bus to the bus stop. There were fellow trekkers on top of a bus. They waved to us and helped us on to the top. They told us that they had walked all the way to the bus, and we couldnt wipe that silly grin off off our face as we had taken a bus instead

Once we reached the base camp, we got ready to leave for Manali the next day. Chi went for rafting and Ragi, J, Punarvasu and I opted to go to Manali, where we did some shopping. We then took a bus (Raj Travels again) back to Delhi. The bus stopped at some small shack like restaurant for dinner. The food was very horrible, but I guess the owner of that place was a good entrepeuner. To make the restaurant hip, he had hung Jockey posters thru out. Jockey, hip, get it?? 😛

We reached Delhi the next day morning, at 0800 hrs, bringing to an end a Super Duper trip. 🙂

Note: This trip is organised by the YHAI every year. They charge just Rs. 2500, for the trek which includes food and sleeping bags. I doubt if you would get a better bargain in any other organisation.

Cost of the trip: Around 15 k (incl. of flight expenses to Delhi and back to Bangalore, and bus tickets to and fro Delhi. I have not included the expenses I have incurred for stuff which will be useful to me for some more years)

I am not exactly campaining for YHAI, but for the cost, you get a super trip.

7 Responses to “Sar Pass Travelogue – 3”
  1. J says:

    idiot wont u shout wen u r in roller coaster???

    Gans: I will, but that will be more like “OOOOOO” rather than “Kartharae, enna kaappaathu” 😛

  2. Maddy says:

    very descriptive post.. esp the adventure you guys have done in the trek 😉 🙂

    Gans: But no Miss adventures though!! 😦

  3. Prima says:

    Nice travelogue.. 🙂

    I hope it doesn’t hail Gans glacier next summer..

    Btw.. How did you get lost??? 😀

    Gans: There will be ‘Hail’ storms next summer 😀 I was busy guiding the others that I got lost 😛

  4. Avinash says:

    This time i have no objections your honour!!
    Just that i am rephrasing sindhu’s question..
    Y didnt people lose you ?? 🙂

    Gans: Sometimes I get that doubt myself 😀

  5. izikavazo says:

    That last picture is absolutely beautiful. It almost looks like some of the forests round where I like, except we don’t have old broken down buildings in our forests.

    Gans: We were taken in by the beauty of the place too. 🙂

  6. Dhivya says:

    Hey Ganesh,
    That brings to a successful completion of ur travel trilogy 🙂
    Really nice account on ur adventurous trip.
    Pics were really coooool (pinna pani malaila eduthadhache :)) they added liveliness to ur blography!
    Reminded of my trip to Rohtang pass, Manali…

    Gans: Thank U. Thank U. Vaarungal Vanangugiroam…. Vaazhthungal Valargiroam 😀

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