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PS: This story is fictitious and has got nothing to do with any of the companies you and I know. Some of my friends want me to write some serious stuff as well, but for now, this is how the blog will be 🙂 And you might wonder why I have a PS in the beginning. Pre script, sillies 😀

Ram’s mother told him that his cousin was going on site the following week. He always tried to emulate his cousin and he swore (not profanities) that he would join the same company and go on site as well. He made a note in his diary as well 🙂 The placement season was starting in one more month, and he was gung ho about it. He summed up his ambition for now with the following piece of code:


if (Placement)

Infopro Consultancy Services and on site;


goto yy;

Ram was smart enough to know that this was not a good code, as goto shoudnt be used. But then he was also smart enough to know that this coding was enough for that company. Fortune smiles on the brave (and sometimes on people like Ram as well) and he got placed in the same company as his cousin. (No surprise as that company, like other ‘real’ companies, takes a lot of poeple, but that fact is external to the system, saary, story. So lets skip that part)

The first 2 months went in training for him and he was alloted to a project, where his initial task was to participate in S&M, i.e., Support & Maintenance. After a few months of hectic schedules of youtube and orkut, the company blocked those sites. A few more months went by as he kept finding new proxies and the company kept blocking everything. The Project manager then decided that enough was enough and offered him an on site opportunity and he jumped at it.

The first onsite lasted one and a half years for Ram and he got a super bank balance after that on site. He came back and bought a piece of land in his home town. He then decided that on sites were proving to be lucky for him and resolved to get into projects which had lots of on site opportunities.

During the second onsite, he found the love of his life.

After coming back from the third onsite, he married the woman of his life who was different from the love of his life.

His company would not pay for the spouse as well and so he couldnt take his wife along with him. After coming back from the fourth onsite, he started constructing a house.

His fifth on site was for 6 months. After coming back, his wife was pregnant….. 3 months


11 Responses to “On site”
  1. Aparna says:

    Old wine new bottle.. But gr8 nonetheless 😉

  2. gansense says:

    @ Aparna,

    True about the old wine part…. But wines just get better with age, dont they?? 😀 Glad that you liked it though.

    PS: Time to get serious though…. but damn there is no smiley to denote that.

  3. J says:

    apdi podu !!
    sappa matter is funny becaus of all the prelude …
    tats story tellin … gud one da

  4. Maddy says:

    Why was the woman of his life different from the love of his life??

    Emulating his cousin during all on sites? 😉 😛 🙂 🙂

  5. gansense says:

    @ J,
    Dhanxu…. 🙂 ‘On’ site poyittu vanthuttu, porantha ‘aan’ kuzhanthai avanuthillannu therijaa eppadi irukkum 😀

    @ Maddy,
    Why were they different?? The first was ‘honey’, and the second was ‘MONEY’

  6. Prima says:

    Confusions galore!! 😀

    Thats why I think elders always taught us not to copy.. 😉 :p


  7. Avinash says:

    Ganzz.. i can picture 2 characters in this story : i.e the Onsite Guy and the guy who FREQUENTED his house, as You and chirag !! :)Decision is totally upto you guyz as to who wants to be WHOre!! 🙂

    Man .. am bored of these cheating stories..!! Been there , seen it,Yet to do it but sure to do it!! 🙂

  8. gansense says:

    @ Prima,

    What is the doubt?? I havent been on a single onsite trip 😛 And as for you being bored, oh well, so am I. “How Nash learnt Tap Dancing” (Spelling right, Nash?? :D) is the next post.

  9. gansense says:

    @ Nash,
    “Been there , seen it,Yet to do it but sure to do it!! ”

    Dei, paesaadha, US poi oru varusham aaga poaguthu…. Oru girl friend pidichiyaa?? Vekkam, avamaanam 🙂

  10. Ashwini says:

    …And then after 6th onsite assignment which was for 7 months, he came back to see the baby…it looked just like the cousin he was emulating! 😉

    Moral: People may intentionally want you to copy them, beware 🙂

  11. gansense says:

    @ Ash,
    It was the fruit of his cou’sin’, eh?? 😛

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