Why the Eff would I know?

The euphoria that comes with a meeting/ training has disappeared these days. There were days when I used to look forward to meetings or trainings as it meant that I could happily sleep/ blog/ day dream during those sessions. There are problems as well. Snoring in a meeting will never do, for example. But then the pros always outdid the cons of meetings. But these days, a meeting/ training finds me dreading 2 kinds of people.

The number one will always be the buggers who think that putting as many number of “You know” in each sentence will make the others think that they have a superb accent. Like for example,

“This particular module, you know, is for the following function, you know. It interacts with the following databases, you know”

Many times, I have felt like getting up and shouting “Why the eff would I know? Isnt this why this effing meeting/ training is being held? So carry on with your presentation, else you can as well go and stuff all those “You knows” in some place of yours where the sun doesnt shine”. But then, I dont and all the “You knows” go on. Sigh…. 😦

The number two kind is the guy who makes some dumb comments and expects the other to laugh/ smile at his/ her insipid comments. But I always love this part. Its always a shock to him/ her when the others dont even react to their jokes.  The dumbo’s smile slowly decreases and that is when I smile. Pure entertainment. 🙂 As if this  was not torture enough, they go on to repeat everything that the trainer says. He/ she thinks that the others havent understood a thing and it is his/ her responsibility to make things clear to the others. I have seen this happen in almost all training sessions that I have attended. There is always one smartass who does that. They do manage to add some words to what the trainer says. But that doesnt give a value add at all. For example, if the trainer says, “This is how the application interacts with the database”, this dumbfuck will repeat that and add, “like SQL Server 2005, for example”.

Sigh, if only I could get to the times where these weirdos were non existent…….. 😦

6 Responses to “Why the Eff would I know?”
  1. Prima says:

    The first kind – a person who simply doesn’t know what’s happening and responds saying “you know” .. Can someone question what “he knows” yet? 😉 😀

    Second one – Probably someone trying to show off to his peers that “he knows” what the trainer meant when he said “you know” . 😀 😀 Signaling whether he understood or that he’s managed to stay awake for so long!! 😀

    PS – They know that we know that they don’t know! 😀

  2. gansense says:

    @ Prima,
    I knew, you know, that you had in you, you know to know what the others, you know, know 😀

    These ppl are a definite pain in the…..

  3. J says:

    ha ha …truly empathize…
    the idiots shud be slapped u kno!!

  4. Dhivya says:

    I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know… Enna theriyum nu kekkariya… Atha therinja solluvenla 😛

  5. Aparna says:

    Lol… Looks like some one trying hard to avoid swear words in here.. By the way.. I’m sure you’d love the “Happy New Year ” song from Kuruvi.. 😀

  6. gansense says:

    @ Jet,
    They should be made to repeat, “I fkkin dont know” 1000 times 😉

    @ Dhivya,
    I know that you dont know that I know that you dont know anything 😀

    @ Aparna,
    That song is horrible…. not only for the ‘You know’, but also coz of that rapper Yogi. B 😦

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