The Dark Knight



In many ways, The Dark Knight can be separated from its super hero stuff and made to stand alone as a well made action/ gangster movie, and that in itself a great accomplishment. In this explosive sequel to the Batman Begins, which released around 3 years back, Christian Bale returns as the Batman/ Bruce Wayne. Gary Oldman reprises his role as the lieutinant, James Gordon. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are also back, as the ever bankable Alfred, the butler and Lucius Fox, sort of an Agent ‘Q’ for Batman. Maggie Gyllenhaal takes over as Rachel Dawes and the new DA for the city is Harvey Dent, played by Aaron Eckhaart.

Where Nolan holds the ‘Ace’ in this movie though, or should I say, the ‘Joker’ is Heath Ledger as ‘The Joker’. I havent seen Jack Nicholson as the Joker, but having seen The Departed and other Nicholson movies, I can only guess how Nicholsonesque, his portrayal would have been. I may be making a mistake there but then, Heath Ledger in this movie is tremendous and that might be an understatement. Be it his explosive intro or the maniacal way he speaks, Heath is in Top form. RIP, Heath.

Generally Superhero movies portray their central characters as well, Superheroes, who can get away with anything. They have superhuman strength, can get away with all the mayhem they caused and bloody well have all the people cheering for them. The Dark Knight though is different. Here Batman is presented as a tormented figure in a city where opinion is divided as to whether he is a Saviour or a plain vigilante who is responsible for the wreckage and bloodshed in Gotham. Christian Bale is in great form as he brings out the mixed emotions of the Batman. He knows that there are people out there who still need him, but he also longs to get back into the normal grrove of life, and be with Rachel Dawes.

Enter Aaron Eckhaart as the DA, Harvey Dent. He is quite vociferous against the mafia and longs to bring them all to book. He also wants to work along with the Batman and Gordon. Though Gordon is not quite receptive to the idea, Batman is quite okay with that as he sees Harvey as the ideal White Knight for the city of Gotham. Harvey also provides the key to Batman to get back to his normal life. The joker meanwhile wants Batman to reveal his true identity and proclaims that it will be bloodshed until he does so. The rest of the movie is how Batman copes up with his inner demons and battles the Joker.

Its not just drama and dialogue either. There are plenty of action set pieces and chase sequences. A truck somersaults in the streets of Gotham, plenty of gunfight, and the scene where you get to see the Batpod is pure adrenaline. Alfred and Lucius also serve their jobs pretty well.

The ending is a bit long, yes, with the introduction of Two Face as well. But it serves to set up the field for the next movie. (Heard that Christopher Nolan isnt going to helm the Director’s mantle, though. Anyone for an online petition?)

All in all, an amazing movie. I will watch it again in the theatre. Watch it on the big screen for sure. If its IMAX, all the better for you. 🙂

8 Responses to “The Dark Knight”
  1. Jet says:

    ur excitement shows in d review…. gud one and surprisingly detailed one 🙂

  2. Deep Trance says:

    I am told that there are no more villains left worthy of a Batman movie by Christopher Nolan. Nolan has scripted all the top ones Ras al ghul, scarecrow, joker and two face under five hours. I am not sure if I want to see the penguin or the riddler again. They look like caricatures compared to the ones presented so far. Maybe this is why Nolan is backing out.

  3. gansense says:

    @ Jet,
    I am going to watch the mov again. 🙂

    @ Deep Trance,
    Might be true. 🙂 But trust Nolan to come out with something novel for the other villains. I would love to see actors like Leonardo Di Caprio don the role of a villain. If Nolan is returning…. sigh.

  4. Chiragisdevil says:

    The movie is dark. Heath Ledger’s acting is just awesome. But there is something missing in the movie. I found the movie to be very predictable. What would really make a movie a masterpiece, would be all the other elements(such as acting, dialogues, cinematography etc) mixed with a touch of magic. It sure had all the other elements, but the magic was missing.

    A great movie, but wouldn’t fit into my top10 list of movies. For a movie to squeeze into this list, it has to be thought provoking. It has to have an ending(and events leading to it) that would leave an impact even after the movie’s over. And being frank, the movie lacked that.

    So, from my perspective- Is the movie better than Batman begins? Definitely is. Is it the best Christopher Nolan movie till date? Probably not(Memento?). Is it the best movie ever? You are kidding right? If ur answer is a ‘No’, then u better start seeing some better movies.

  5. gansense says:

    @ Chirag,
    Did you see that I had tagged it as the “Best movie of the year so far….?? If no, then U better get ur new specs soon 😀

    But on a more serious note, “Predictable” is a very very common term used by all. You like some movies even if they are predictable, but You dont for other movies. Pray, tell me, which part did you find very predictable?? And the magic factor as well??

    I never did tell you that it would to be in my top ten list of movies. Nope sir. But it is a great movie. If you are referring to the IMDB top position, then I dont have to explain that it is due to the fan frenzy votes. No doubt, it would settle down after a few weeks to a more reasonable position. For that matter, I consider “The Lives of Others” to be a much better movie than “Pulp fiction”. You know which has a better rank in IMDB and why.

  6. gansense says:

    And Chi, first time comment in my wordpress. Welcome dude. 🙂

  7. Chiragisdevil says:

    That comment was not pointed at u dude.. It was just a general comment on anyone reading.. *Spoilers*
    Okay, let me be a little bit more specific by what I meant- did u not expect Gordon to come back? that reminded me of some bollywood movie.. worst part of the movie for me.. As for the unpredictability in the movie, the scene whr the niger(tht’s not meant to be racist) on the bad guys’ boat throws the detonator, nw tht is unpredictability. We just needed lot more of tht in the movie..
    *end of spoilers*

    The point is, the movie did have a visual impact on me, and did have a psychological impact when I was watching the movie. But, it had nothing that I could take back home, other than the great dialogues and the images of the joker. Basically it doesn’t fit into the genre of movies that I like to watch and tht appeal to me a great deal.

  8. gansense says:


    ***********SPOILERS START**********************
    I did know that Gordon would be back as I had seen the trailer. So maybe, it was a poor thing to have those scenes in the trailers. But apart from that, no one is un expendable in the story, except for Batman, Alfred, The Joker (atleast till the end). So, I dont think you can complain about the predictability there.
    I also liked the twist when Batman sets out after Joker gives him the info on Rachel and Harvey
    ***************SPOILERS END***********************

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