Romance Re Visited

As she slowly walked towards the mall, she thought about her relationship. She had been in a live in for the past year, and she couldn’t help noticing that the zing factor was missing now. She was chucked out from the house by her parents when she had confessed about her love life to them. But then, it didn’t really pose a problem as they both were earning. They were able to get a house in a good area quite easily. It had been quite a promising start to their life together. 

But now, she couldn’t help feeling that something was amiss. There had been quite a few misunderstandings and frayed tempers. Initially she had put it down to work pressure, but she knew that she was fooling herself. She knew that matters would worsen if left the same way and that was precisely the reason she was walking towards the mall. It was there that they had first acquiesced and it was there that she had proposed and been accepted as well. It was natural that they meet there to sort out matters. Nostalgia always proved to be an able ally in these types of cases. 

She tried to think of ways to get the relationship back to the normal self. Should she start with her love life? That initial lust and love had died. She saw one couple kissing in the mall. She remembered the day her cousin got engaged, when the bridegroom tried to get her to a lonely spot away from the sea of relatives to kiss her. Times had changed. Maybe she was also an example for the changing times. Maybe she could try kissing her partner suddenly in public to give that flare to their love life. But then it would appear strange to people. There should be other ways to get that love and lust back. She couldn’t possibly go back to her parents. Marriage would be a good option, but she wasn’t sure whether they were ready for that. But again, she thought, as she finally saw her coming through the mall entrance, same sex marriages would need to be made legal for that, wouldn’t it?

11 Responses to “Romance Re Visited”
  1. Jet says:

    fire for a change ;)….
    gud narration gans …. gud going .. write more
    a part 2 may be :p

  2. Dhivya says:

    Wasn’t expecting this kind of an end at all… A different subject this time…
    Suggest u publish a collection of all ur twisty tales 🙂

  3. Aparna says:

    Weightu… Nice touch at the end.. The way you began with all the build up I had no clue it was gonna lead to this.. 🙂

    And I second Dhivya… 🙂

    PS: I’m assuming its a piece of pure fiction 😛

  4. Aparna says:

    And by the way.. Sooper header hai.. 🙂

  5. gansense says:

    @ Jet,
    Part 2 vaa?? Mega serial aakkaama irunthaa ok 🙂

    @ Dhivya,
    Dhanxu ba. Collection release panna naan ready…. Vaanga nee readyaa?? 😀

    @ Aparna,
    Nanrri hai 🙂 Same qn to u as well. Next trying for a Dilbert header as well

    And this is an ‘ISI’ muthirai kuthiya ‘Agmark’ Pure Fiction story 😀

  6. Punarvasu says:

    I guessed the end …You are becoming predictable Gans 😛

  7. gansense says:

    @ Punarvasu,
    Hmmm…. some ppl are inbuilt with twisted minds. Join the gang 😛

  8. Prima says:

    You never think simple do ya? 🙂

    Btw.. Nice style of writing and well thought of story.. I do hope you’re saving these scribbles of yours..

  9. Prima says:

    And building up your fan base I can see.. Now that I’m a co-author, I think I should compete!! 😀

  10. gansense says:

    @ Prima,
    Dhanx Dhanx!! 🙂 I do think simple, but the human mind refuses to process anything simple. 😛

    There is no competition. You are way better than me but you dont write. Now, will this make you write?? 😉

  11. Prima says:

    Is that a bribe? 😉 😀

    Honored nonetheless.. 🙂

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