Whats New(s)??

Dear News Reporters/ Channels,

I hope you are all doing good. Some 15 years back, when my dad forced me to watch the news on DD, I got to hear news in a plain jane fashion. There was no sensationalising, no screaming, no SMS votes, no carefully orchestrated talk shows, no specially prepared backgrounds (a speciality of Aaj Tak). But you know what, I liked it. Thats how its supposed to be. When I get to know that a person has died in tragic circumstances in Afghanistan, I just want to hear the reason behind it. I dont want to hear how his wife/ son/ etc feels about it. It would be better if you can leave them alone in their moment of grief. It is sickening how you hound a family for news. The Noida murder case for example. You sensationalise the whole issue. You whip up the Public sentiments against the family, and when he is proved free, you act as if you were the only “Yudhistra” among the news channels.

The SMS votes is another case in point. I agree that you have tried to do some work wrt the tigers and got the law to re examine the murder case of Jessica. But then, immediately you have an SMS vote to determine if this is the RDB effect. Bullshit, I dont have to watch a movie to get that mindframe. If you really need to have an SMS poll, as a person who has grown up on Arjun and Vijayakanth movies, I demand that you have an SMS poll to determine who the most patriotic is.

Headlines today’s Ad proclaimed that all the news channels were just “Blah Blah” and only theirs was good. I dont know why, but whenever I switch to their channel, I see only 2 news items

  • How The Great Khali vanquished a poor referee
  • How SRK and Salman had a fight, how one actress got her body parts fixed, etc.

Crap, I have channels like Zoom to give me these types of news. And then came the last blow, Headlines Today belonged to the same firm which has Aaj Tak. Man, I should have known. Aaj Tak, the messiah of the masses; Aaj Tak, the powerhouse of information; Aaj Tak, the breaker of Breaking news. Every news is Breaking news for Aaj Tak. It was they who gave out news of “The Great Khali”. Now, I have nothing against The Khali. He is in the WWE, etc. But then you should know that The Khali is there in the WWE only to whip up the Americans’ National Fervour.  

And pray tell me, what was the need to have a “Singh is King” music piece after the UPA won the trust vote? Trust me ppl when I say that we are already laughing at some of the antics of the Netas. We dont need you to aid us further.

I do know that we only get the news in a format that we deserve. Thats the statement given to me everywhere… But we deserve much more. Not just this.

PS: You might think I am exaggerating. Chk out this link http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=80070. Also search in google with the search string “Aaj tak sucks” and U will get numerous sites.

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