Movies not so normal – 1


One of my roomies once remarked about a movie called “Kaakka Kaakka, The Police”. He said it was a good movie, but the violence was a bit too much. I told him that the violence in that movie was nothing when compared to some movies I have seen. In “Movies not so normal”, you will see such movies (this encompasses violent movies, thrillers, gore, bizarre movies, etc).

Irreversible (French) is one such movie where some scenes are so violent that you just close your eyes waiting for it to end. It makes movies like Kaakka Kaakka look like Child’s play. This is definitely not a movie to be seen by the weak hearted, and was supposed to be the “Most Walked Out Of The Theatre” in that year. The MPAA rating is ‘R’ (mature audiences only). Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel are in the lead characters in this movie.

The storyline is very simple. It has been seen in many vendetta movies. The heroine is raped and the hero with his friend, goes on a revenge spree. But its the way in which the movie was shot which makes it different. The movie employs a Reverse Chronology. It effectively means that the Beginning of the Movie is the actual ending and the Ending of the Movie is the actual beginning. The movie starts of with Marcus and Pierre going to a gay club called Rectum. They search the whole club for a man called Le Tenia (Tapeworn in French). Marcus picks up a fight with a man he suspects to be Le Tenia. The other guy gets the better of Marcus though. He snaps Marcus’s arm and just when he gets ready to rape him, Pierre intervenes. He picks up a fire extinguisher and bludgeons the other man in the face killing him. It is here that the violence is at its peak. The details are shown in quite a detailed manner and no amount of text will do justice to that violent scene.

The plot slowly uncoils in reverse, explaining why Marcus and Pierre went to the Rectum searching for Le Tenia. It turns out that Le Tenia had raped Alex, the live in girl friend of Marcus, in a brutal manner and she had gone into a comatose state. After searching in a brothel, as Le Tenia is also a pimp, the search leads to the Rectum where the film’s initial scene is set. We also realise that the man who was killed by Pierre wasnt Le Tenia but the man near him was Le Tenia.

We keep going back and see the lives of Alex, Marcus and Pierre before the brutal rape and we are left with a very touching scene at the end. Alex discovers that she is pregnant. We then see her (the final act) in a park, reading a book. She is radiant with happiness, ignorant of the tragedy that is going to fall on her. We know what’s going to happen next and that fills us with more dread.

It ends with a quote: LE TEMPS DETRUIT TOUT (Time Destroys All Things).

The movie uses low frequency sound in the initial 20 minutes to unsettle the audience. That is combined with a pounding music that makes the viewer nauseous. It is this which made most of the viewers to walk out of screenings. Irreversible is one of those movies which are hard to like, but tough to ignore as well.

2 Responses to “Movies not so normal – 1”
  1. Ashwini says:

    Will try and watch this movie. Watch the movie ‘Zinda’ ….Sanjay Dutt and John Abraham….This movie is based on the same theme.

  2. gans says:

    @ Ash,
    watch this movie?? Oh well, at your own risk. The movie is very explicit in all counts. I closed my eyes during that controversial rape scene. And ‘Zinda’ is a watered down version of a Korean movie ‘OldBoy’ and nor ‘Irreversible’

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