Rock On

Watched Rock On yesterday and found it to be a one time watch. I cant understand the frenzy the movie is causing but I would definitely recommend it.


  • The songs, esp Tum Ho toh and Na na na….. I liked the way, Farhan Akthar sang the songs. The way they were taken was also nice.
  • Some scenes which really stood out, like Magik playing for the local Dhandiya fare, KD singing at the contestants’ party, the reunion after 10 years where Joe, KD, Rob struggle to catch up with the lyrics and Adithya turns up with the lyrics as well.
  • Debbie, played by Shahana Goswami. Her’s is a super role and she has played it quite well. Esp when you contrast the flash back where she comes as a carefree girlfriend of Joe and the present where she tries to do everything for her family as Joe is practically useless.
  • Purab Kohli as KD and Farhan Akthar as Adithya. Purab is as always good and Farhan gives a restrained performance.


  • Magik. Will any Rock band keep that as a band name?
  • Familiar Cliches. When one band member is diagnosed with a medical condition, my initial reaction was not to sympathise but to say, “Damn, not that again”.
  • The reason for the breakup was not very strong. Every band will have its share of ups and downs and if they are going to break up after one punch, then they havent grown up yet. I do realise that there is an ego clash between the lead singer and the guitarist. But it was not shown in a proper manner.

But all said, it is a good movie. Can be watched once, for sure.


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