Out Of the Blue

When a famous blogger links you in his post, and says that he found it interesting, one feels good…. no, make that very good 🙂


PS: Some search strings which routed to my blog is pasted here:PHYSIOLOGICAL IMPACT OF THE DARK KNIGHT HEATH LEDGER,  sar pass may 2008,  karagaattam sex dance

Karagattam sex dance?? WTF?? 😀 Since when did Karagattam qualify as a sex dance?? Ppl these days…..

2 Responses to “Out Of the Blue”
  1. Prima says:

    Is there a post hidden from everyone??? something that you’ve blogged and given the setting as “Not public” 😉 😀 😀 :p

  2. Aparna says:

    Kalakare gans… talk back from famous bloggers.. google search words.. [ROTFL.. ] pudhu header.. Pramadham.. 🙂

    Psstt.. Prima… What is it about and where is it??

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