Exclusive: Robo….

Caution: Spoilers ahead

The following post is the story of Robo. Remember that you read it here first.


Rajini is a scientist in India. His ambition (no, there is no ambi in the movie, just ambition) is to build a very high tech robot and he sets out on his ambition. BTW,  there is also a song which details his transition from being a very ordinary guy to a super scientist.

Aishwarya Rai plays the heroine in the movie and there is also a number of special appearances by Amitabh Bacchan in the movie. Whenever Rajini gets too close to Aishwarya Rai for comfort, I mean, just when things are heating up, AB Sr, in his sonorous voice, booms “Beta, Ae mera Bahu hai. Aap kya kar raha hai??”. The built up tension disappears and Rajini just plants a kiss on Aishwarya’s cheek. AB Sr smiles in approval. Rajini is furious and vows to involve Kamal Hassan the next time, but then he imagines the outcome and decides against that. Smart move. if you ask me 😉

In the meanwhile, work on the Robot goes on in a speedy manner and Rajini is very happy with the outcome. In a bizarre twist, he models the Robot on his own image, thinking that if he as a human can move so fast (fans will know), a robot will be 100 times as fast 😀 He finally finishes the robot and he is programmed to be a good samaritan. Since the robot is based on Rajini, he is also a great fan of movies. He helps people in their day to day activities. If people ask him about that, he says,

“Kannaa, naan veliyila thaan hardware,

Aana Ulla eppoathumae Software”  😀

Things go on as usual until one day when things begin to go wrong. It all happens when Robo is privy to the private damp sessions of Rajini and Aishwarya.He also notes the voiceover of AB Sr. He goes back to his lair thinking of what he saw. Even though he had seen Hollywood movies, he hadnt seen those type of scenes because they had been censored by the Indian censor board. He absent mindedly puts in a dvd of Vaali and starts watching it. Now he is no dumb robo and after a while, starts realizing the havoc the elder Ajith starts doing because of being similar. He smiles in a cunning way…….

But before he could harm Aishwarya in any way, Rajini and she go out for shopping and Robo is furious about that. He takes out his frustrations on innocent by standers when he sets out to find Rajini and Aishwarya. In the meanwhile, Aishwarya gets a message from her mother asking to meet her and she leaves for her house. Rajini sees a live telecast of the destruction caused by Robo and returns to his house immediately. He realises that Robo has been seeing Vaali and he tries to find a solution to this problem. He atlast gets a solution and he smiles.

Unable to find Aishwarya Rai, Robo returns to the house, where to his surprise, he finds Aishwarya Rai in a very seductive dress. He gapes at her (I leave the dress to your imagination 🙂 ), and in a move reminiscent of Dhoom 2, she mouths that insufferable dialogue, “Are you like checking me out?”. Robo, on hearing that, feels a peculiar sensation in his body. He looks at himself in horror as slowly, his limbs stop working, his body starts folding, his eyes start closing…. to cut the crap, he gets “Turned Off”. You get that?? 😛

Rajini claps as he enters the room and congratulates her. In a surprising twist, it is revealed that this Aishwarya Rai is also a robot. Anyway, all’s well that ends well and Rajini is reunited with the real Aishwarya Rai who comes home. Well, not really as the robo Aishwarya sees the similarity between herself and the real Aishwarya and smiles sinisterly.

This paves the way for Robo part Thoo. But the End for now…. 🙂

10 Responses to “Exclusive: Robo….”
  1. Jet says:

    Gans,un karpanai kudhirai ‘ginn’ adichutu parakudhu nenakaren 😉
    Rajini is furious and vows to involve Kamal Hassan the next time 🙂 🙂
    Even though he had seen Hollywood movies, he hadnt seen those type of scenes because they had been censored by the Indian censor board…lol. 🙂

    waiting for part thooo 😀

  2. Chandru says:

    Sooper Appu!!

  3. Aishu says:

    deivameee!! anavasiyama rajini rasigargal oda BP ethara nee!!

  4. Prima says:

    blah! blah! blah!

  5. Prima says:

    Copy of “Small Wonder” series?

  6. gans says:

    @ Jet,

    No Gin, only Johnny Walker 🙂 and the Kamal joke was inspired from Vivek’s dialogue in Anniyan.

    @ Chandru,

    Nandri hai. And welcome to Gansense

    @ Aishu,

    Naah… I leave that job to the recently released Enthiran snaps. 😀

    @ Prima,

    The movie has to be released to see the actual inspiration. Me thinks: I, Robot. 🙂

  7. Vijaya TR says:

    Ye Ganesu direcsan la robo
    Ithu Rajini Aisuvarya Combo

    Ye ‘Peru’vukku poi aaduraanga duet-u
    Naanthan antha duet-ukku poet-u

    Intha super staru robo oru enthiran
    Aana interval-ukku mela ivan thanthiran

    Ye padikkaravan aayiruvan kirukkaa
    ithukku mela part ‘thoo’ vera irukkaa….

    Ye dandanakka… ye danakku nakka…

  8. Dhivya says:


    Parthu… Shankar porama pada poraru 😛

  9. gans says:

    @ Dhivya,

    RObo stills ellaam konjam moasamaa thaan irukku 🙂

    @ Vijaya TR,

    Enna koduma saar ithu?? 🙂

  10. Joel says:

    Dai un karpanai romba jaasthi da… Vaali padam paathu robo disturb aahurathu koncham jaasthi…
    Anyway Kamal and Amita imagination was good…

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