Thicker than water

It had happened 2 years back. His friend, Ravi had had an accident at 8 PM and he was in urgent need of AB +ve blood. Ram’s blood was of the same group but he was in a dilemma he also had to reach the airport to catch the flight to the US. He had got an onsite project for the first time and he didn’t want to miss it. In the end, onsite prevailed and he switched off his cell phone so that his friends wouldn’t reach him. He had prayed for his friend though and hoped that he would get blood somehow. 

Ram had felt guilty then but his stay at the US and his job made him forget that incident. 2 years passed by in a whiz and it was time to go back to India. But the company, before he had left for the states, had specified that he would be put up in another location. He was happy about that, as he didn’t want to go back to that place and get reminded of the past. His friends would also chastise him for that decision of his. He boarded the direct flight to Pune, India and started thinking about his future prospects. 

He was put up in his company’s guesthouse and he loved it. It had a swimming pool, and a gym and he was quite content there. The company also was just 5 minutes by walk from the guesthouse. A week went by and Ram thought about going to his native place the following weekend. It was then that he saw him. It wasn’t a mistake and it was indeed Ravi. As he contemplated on whether to talk to him, Ravi came up to him. 

“Dei, Ram…. How are you? It’s a surprise seeing you here. Ennada, relocationaa?” Ram found himself nodding and before he could realize uttered “I thought your condition was serious” “Yeah, I was but as you can see, here I am. Say, where are you staying?” “Nearby only, and you?” “I just moved into that apartment over there. Why don’t you come along with me now?” Ram initially refused as was the norm but in the end relented and accompanied Ravi to his house. 

The house was nicely decorated and Ram gave a whistle of appreciation as he entered the place. Ravi smiled in acknowledgement and asked him to get comfortable. Ram saw a photo frame on the wall. It was an old couple but not Ravi’s parents. He gave a quizzical look to Ravi and he replied that they were the owners, but he had rented it temporarily. “What’s the rent?” he asked him and Ravi just smiled.

“You still smoke and drink, right?” and Ram nodded. Ravi brought 2 glasses of red wine and a pack of Davidoff cigarettes. It had been a long time since Ram had had a drink and he was glad now. Ravi seemed to have a good stock of drinks. Ram found himself proudly telling Ravi about his onsite tenure and how much he had been able to save. He noticed that he was getting tired and he settled down on a chair. He asked Ravi about his work, etc. Ravi kept refilling his glass. He had a feeling that Ravi’s behaviour had changed from being cordial to a little angry, and that Ravi’s glass kept refilling by itself but thought it was the wine. The wine was good. He was feeling very drowsy. It was then when Ravi started. 

“Dei Ram, why did you do that? You just ran away that day. I would have been happy even if you had just given me a visit to see how I was faring. But you didn’t.” Ram tried to say something but he wasn’t able to speak and Ravi went on. “It’s been a little more than 2 years, isn’t it? And I have been waiting just to meet you. Anybody would have done the same, but then you can’t fault me also now. As you might say, its just business.” Ram noticed that he had a few more puffs in his cigarette left. Ravi pointed to the glass he was holding and said, “You know, your blood would have saved me that day and you should excuse me now if I have drank your blood, a lot more than what was needed 2 years back. Interest, you see. Anyway, I just want to see you die now. My soul will rest in peace then.” He smiled. 

As Ravi said that, Ram took the last puff and blew out his life along with the smoke. In the morning, his death was reported by the actual owners of the house.

10 Responses to “Thicker than water”
  1. Maddy says:

    Why did Ravi wait for 2 years?? Couldn’t he go to US and kill Ram? 😉 😛

  2. gans says:

    @ Maddy,

    Breaking into a house is easier in India. 😛

  3. Vinith says:

    Quentin Tarantino novel eyudina intha madhiri than ezhudivar i think..Nalla premise , kadasile konjam scary 😀

  4. Aishu says:

    u missed out the vittalachariar effect description in the story man!! semma realistic ah irundirukkum 😛

  5. Jet says:

    namma pasanga ghost anakapuramum thanni adipaanga nu solriya?

  6. Avinash says:

    You know what,, you need to watch an episode called “Scott Tenerman must Die” in southpark.. This story has touches of the episode…Loved it.

  7. gans says:

    @ Vinith,
    Ahaa machi, Quentin kaetta lightaa tension aavaan. But thanks 😀

    For Vittalacharyaa effect, Jayamalini or better, Namitha wanted 😛

    @ Jet,
    Thottil pazhakkam, sudu kaadu thaandiyum 🙂

    @ Nash,
    Therkku poongaavudan compare senjathukku nandri 🙂 Glad that you liked it

  8. Prima says:

    A twist – Was the character Ravi indeed alive? Coz only vampires are known to drink blood.. Did he die and become a vampire with vengeance in mind?

  9. Aparna says:

    Sabba.. Ippove kanna kattudhey…
    The names were a bit too similar — Easily confusing the reader — Guessing that was intentional..
    I kinda don’t understand the ending.. Revenge alright.. But how?? Just phoonk and gone??
    And by the way.. header for post eh??

  10. gans says:

    @ Prima,
    Didnt have vampires in mind…. wouldnt mind a vamp though 😛

    @ Aparna,
    “You know, your blood would have saved me that day ” –> I thought this line will dispel all doubts. Apparently, it has not 🙂 Ram and Ravi are my oft used names. Easiest names to type 🙂

    Me thinks the header befits the blog. Why so serious?? 😀

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