Movies Not So Normal – 2


David Lynch is known for his bizarre, surreal movies and the reception that his movies have got are always at the extreme end. His movies are either loved or hated very much. His Mulholland Drive, though has been very favorably received by the movie critics and fans. I saw it sometime back and my immediate reaction after I saw the movie was this, “WTF did I see just now?” I could understand a part of the movie but I was completely lost after a certain point. It was only after I read a lot of persons’ views on IMDB, I was able to understand the movie. But I am still not sure if that is what the movie is about 🙂

Mulholland drive is a part thriller, part revenge drama in a surreal fashion. I really can’t explain what the movie is about. This is the best I can do. A girl (a very sexy Laura Elena Harring) survives a murder attempt, but loses her memory. She stumbles into a house and in the morning is discovered by a wannabe actress, Bettie (a very Yummy Naomi Watts). The girl assumes the name “Rita” and they both try to find her past. When they open Rita’s purse, they find a lot of money and a blue key of a very weird shape. 

In the meanwhile, auditioning for a movie is going on and the director (Theroux) is threatened by a mysterious man to choose one particular girl for that role. Betty attends an auditioning for a movie and the crew is very impressed with her. The director has a fleeting glance at Betty and is intrigued but is pressurized by the mystery man to select that girl. 

Betty and Rita go to a coffee shot where Rita sees a waitress with the name ‘Diane Selwyn’. That triggers off a faint memory in Rita and they track down Diane using the directory. They decide to go there but find a dead body there. Terrified they rush back to their place. There is a very strong undercurrent of romance between them and they become lovers that night. Early morning, Rita decides that they should go to a mysterious show. They reach the place midway through a show where the man demonstrates that what you see is all an illusion (an allusion to the following events). During a haunting rendition of a song, Betty finds a blue box in her purse. They realize that the blue key will fit in that blue box. They rush back to their house where Betty finds that it is an exact fit. She turns around to tell Rita, but she is nowhere to be found. She opens the box and it falls to the ground. 

From here, the movie left me in a WTF state. Everything turned topsy turvy. From being a movie which dealt primarily with romance between 2 women and an identity finding movie, it became something else. Watch the movie and see if you can understand the whole movie. There are a lot of loose ends in the movie and even the events which make a bit of sense will exasperate you. 

The movie’s greatest strength is the acting and the music. Everyone does their part well. As far as Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring are concerned, who needs acting? 🙂 But to give them credit, Naomi is super good in the movie and Laura is also good (guess she was clueless about the movie and hence walked through the movie in an inebriated state) 

The movie is Rated R for nudity and some scenes of sexuality.

6 Responses to “Movies Not So Normal – 2”
  1. Dhivya says:

    Mm… But u didn’t tell wat u perceived of the story after reading the reviews. U left it to suspense eh? 🙂

    Expecting more posts on this section (as I could not watch all the bizzaire movies… Atleast cud get to know abt :))

  2. gans says:

    @ Dhivya,
    Didnt want to divulge the whole story. 🙂 (Plus, naekkum romba piriyala 😛 )

  3. Prima says:

    You understood only the first half is it????? Or is it that you didn’t try to understand the next half??

  4. gans says:

    @ Prima,

    I did understand the 2nd half…. but very fuzzy and it will give away the whole plot 🙂

  5. Prima says:

    Smart answer!! You think we don’t know the truth??? 😀

  6. gans says:

    @ Prima,
    Well…. cant say I understood a lot, but was able to get the big picture…. think so 😀

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