Beer or TR?

This is not a logical story. Anything can happen here. Before reading this story, there are two rules that you should follow…..

  • 1) I am always right.
  • 2) If you have any doubt in the story, refer the first rule. 

This happened a long time back in a place called KollyPettai. The place was a total rustic place. The people were illiterate to the core and the king was a total barbarian. The people knew nothing but films. They purchased food and other essential commodities with the currency medium as movies. Since the medium was CDs, a handbag was normally used to carry currency. Illegal trade was carried on with bit films. There were no questions asked. If you had a bit film, it was legal to carry on illegal training. Movies like Borekiri, Therupatchi, Boresamy had very high value and films like Ahugiya Theeyae etc had less value. 

Punishments were a novelty in this place. There were three punishments given to people. 

  • 1) You watch a mega serial till you cry. Lowest form of punishment
  • 2) You keep watching watch Gubtain movie for a year. Equivalent to Life Imprisonment.
  • 3) You will watch a TR movie. No questions asked. The logic was (only place where logic works), you either laugh or cry to death watching this bugger’s movie. 

The king had a practice of chanting a weird rhyme before giving a sentence. It goes like this…. 

          1) “Your greed has made your mind null,

          For this you, until you cry, u will watch a serial” 

          2) “In this society, your crime has made a stain,

          You will spend a year with Gubtain” 

The most boring was the rhyme reserved for the ones sentenced to death. 

          3) “For this, I sentence thee,

          To a VTR movie, 

          You can laugh or u can cry,

          But in the end you will die. 

          But fear not, there is a way,

          To save your mind gone astray, 

          If you find beer, I kill my  wife,

          If u find TR, U lose our life.” 

The logic was that, the king was anyway to gain by this. If that guy lives, he gets a new wife. If that guy gets TR instead, the population goes down. Life went on in the kingdom. But something is bound to happen, isn’t it? 

The king had a daughter called Swapna Sundari. This gal fell for a guy called Mr. Magnet. After being at the hospital for some time, (as a result of falling for each other), their romantic sojourn began. They spent time watching movies, and if they got bored of that, then mega serials. This continued for a while.   

The king got to know of this, and he summoned Mr. Magnet to the court. He was immediately sentenced to death, by watching a VTR movie. The procedure carried was as follows: 

          “There are two doors. One door opens to a beer bottle and the other opens to a TV, which will play a VTR movie. If you get the beer bottle, you live. If not, you die.” 

Mr. Magnet wasn’t a fool. He knew that Swapna Sundari might know which door leads to which. On that fateful day, he looked up at her. She looked at him and darted her eyes to the right. He confidently strode up to the door on the right and opened it……. 

I see you guys have come till here. Congrats. Can see that you are jobless. So which door did you think Magnet opened? The one with the beer bottle? Or might Swapna Sundari fear Magnet becoming an alcoholic? The one with VTR movie? 

I dunno. You decide. I cant continue this crap any longer. So Cya guys!! 🙂

10 Responses to “Beer or TR?”
  1. VTR- in my blood says:

    I bet VTR movie da.He could then die a happy man.More over VTR is also a Magnet , he attracts everyone 😀

  2. Jet says:

    SwapnaSundari must have thought ‘Bear’ instead of beer ….
    so she wud have shown the door to karadi 🙂

    huyo cant believ am contributing to this mokkai of urs …
    “cant continue this crap” aaa?? apo read panravan kenapaiyana???

  3. Dhivya says:

    Hey… Intha kathaya nee 12th std English Text Book la irunthu suttuta… Enna.. karadiku yetha maathiri kathaiya maathitta 🙂
    I don’t remember the title, but this is the first chapter in the book…
    U too Gans???

    Un’bear’able story 😛

  4. Dhivya says:

    ++ Karadi vidurathu-ngarathu ithu thana 😀

  5. gans says:

    @ VTR – imb,
    VTR cant attract anyone. Maybe his hair will attract lice 😀

    @ Jet,
    Nee paesaama enakkaaga oru kathai ezhuthu 🙂

    Apparam, neenga kaena pasanga nnu naan sollala 😛

    @ Dhivya,
    Lady or the Tiger. Intha padam eduthaa, this will be “Karadiyin Kaadhali” 😀

  6. Avi says:

    Shabba… Comments thangale da saami.. Story eh paravaille!!

  7. Prima says:


  8. gans says:

    @ Avi,
    Ippavae kanna kattudhaa?? 😛

    @ Prima,
    Natural reaction. Will go away in some time 😀

  9. Prima says:

    Yeah.. Right! Read this a few more times and I’ll be insane enough not to know whether the reaction went away or not!!

  10. gans says:

    @ Prima,
    U are not insane now?? News to me…. 😛

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