Playing God

Swapna rummaged through her cupboard to find her photograph. She needed it to join her swimming classes. As it was her summer vacation, she wanted to do something useful. She couldn’t find the photo. But she remembered seeing it somewhere. Since her parents had gone out, she couldn’t ask her mother as well. 

She then proceeded to her parents’ cupboard. She was careful not to disturb anything as her mother had yelled at her whenever she disturbed the cupboard. It was then that she saw it. It was pretty hard to not miss the box, with that picture on top. She remembered the number of times she had been asked to close her eyes when that ad had played on TV. Her parents had not responded when she asked them what it was and change the topic each time. That gave her the impression that it was something bad. She initially hesitated but then proceeded to pick the box up and read the text on it. Kamasutra condoms. It didn’t mean anything to her, but the picture held her attention. A sudden wave of shame engulfed her though after a while and she flushed the box down the toilet.

4 years passed, and it was time for her to join a college. On the day of admission, her family accompanied her to her college & started for their home town. She met a girl called Brinda and they started chatting. “So were the people who dropped you your parents?” “Yes”, Swapna replied. “And the kiddo?” “My brother”, she replied and she knew what the next question would be. “How come you have a brother who must be only 2 years old?” She smiled sheepishly and managed to mutter, “My parents always wanted a baby boy and they were blessed only recently”

10 Responses to “Playing God”
  1. Chandru says:

    Dei Eppadi da unnala mattum mudiyuthu?????

  2. Aparna says:

    aiyo aiyo..
    ukkandhu yosippiyo??
    one sumaal doubt: the baby bro was 2 yrs old and she was joining college 4 yrs later.. slighta idikkidhey.. and didnt the mom notice the missing “box” for 2 full yrs??

    engulfed her though after a while

  3. Ananth says:

    dai think u flicked the story from my friend’s life and added a bit masala..only difference was my friend had a 1yr old brother when he joined college 😛

  4. gans says:

    @ Chandru,
    from birth machi 🙂

    @ Aparna,
    The friend thinks the kid must be around 2 years. That should explain it. The kid is 3 years old. And didnt she notice?? I dunno…. she didnt notice when it was important 😛

    Not a typo…. sirithu naeram kazhithu vekkam avalai thazhuviyathu 🙂

    @ Ananth,
    Dei, ithu universal matter, cha cha, kathai da. Even I had a friend who had a very small bro. 😀

  5. Jet says:

    ppl who want baby bro/sis refer this site 🙂
    btw title sooper ….
    sirithu naeram kazhithu vekkam avalai thazhuviyathu –>ennada ramani chandran effectu?
    Mishaps due to Lack of Sex Ed thaan moral aa?

  6. Avinash says:

    rajni style : Kadavule… Kadavule… Kadavule………..

  7. Dhivya says:

    This reminds me of our school vice princi who had a son studying MBBS while second son was in LKG 😀

    Hmm… But pity that they didn’t have enuf time to get another KS 😛
    Jo Samjha Vohi sikandhar 🙂

  8. Ashwini says:

    Gans, too much!!! How how how?? How can u think of such diverse topics for ur blog 🙂
    Did she want a younger sibbling…or did they want a baby boy??? Lil confused! 🙂

  9. gans says:

    @ Jet,
    Ramani Chandran effect ellaam illa. Never read her books. Heard that she is the Tamil equiv of Mills N Boon. Shabbaaaaa….. :P. Athayaum oru moralla vechukkalaam. 😀

    @ Avinash,
    Dei, ippo aen da avara izhukkara?? 🙂

  10. gans says:

    @ Dhivya,
    Looks like he had some vices, eh?? 😛

    @ Ash,
    Why confused?? Neither did they want a kid, nor did she want a sibling. Something went awry somewhere 😀

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