Life Of Brian

Satire and comedy are not easy genres. Not many movies/ actors are successful in making people laugh and the recent spate of movies in Tamil and Hindi just prove that. Monty Pythons’ feature film “Life of Brian” is a sheer delight for all comedy fans and one of my all time fav movies. Though the film was considered to be blasphemous when it released, it is considered a masterpiece now. The film traces the life of a guy called Brian, who was born at the same time as Jesus. Right from the start, he is mistaken as Jesus, and this gives rise to many howlarious situations. In this post, I will just mention one scene which involves Brian, Roman soldiers and Pontius Pilate. Bloody humorous…. 🙂


Brian joins a faction which rebels against the Romans and in one particular campaign, he is captured by the Roman soldiers. He is brought before Pontius Pilate. If you have seen Bugs Bunny cartoons, you will remember Elmer Fudd, the hunter. He will not be able to say “rabbit” and says “wabbit” instead. Pontius has a similar problem here and says “Bwian” and “Womans”. But the real fun starts when Brian tells the others that he is a roman and that his dad was a roman soldier called “Naughtius Maximus”. The sergeant refuses to believe that a guy called Naughtius Maximus ever existed and tells Pontius that it might be a trick name, like “Silius Soddus” and “Bigus Dickus”. 😀


Pontius though, proclaims that his best friend is a guy in the high ranks in Rome and that his name is Bigus Dickus. A soldier breaks into laughter and he has him removed. He does notice though that everyone are controlling their laughter and repeats the name “Bigus Dickus” a couple of times to see if anyone breaks out into laughter again. Noticing that nobody is laughing, he says, “he has a wife, you know. Incontinentia.” Seemingly innocuous, but no… after a pause he continues, “Incontinentia Buttocks”.


At that time all the soldiers laugh their hearts out. So do we 🙂


Here is the youtube link to that scene. And one more super scene is here

2 Responses to “Life Of Brian”
  1. Jet says:

    Gans … saw ur notes for the links in blogroll ….brilliant .. the one for punarvasu .:) kewl!!!

  2. Dhivya says:

    As usual gud narration… 🙂

    Onnu mattum nalla theriyuthu… U r having not even a mustard-worth work. (kadugalavu velai kooda unakku illai nu solla vandhen he he :P)

    Eppayo oru kaalathula movie reviews ku mattum nu oru blog create panniye… Not using that now eh?

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