The name is….

Bourne, James Bourne. I guess this is how 007 will announce himself in all his forthcoming movies. Move over Suaveness and Sophistication. Being Grim and Gritty is the in thing. QoS continues from where Casino Royale left off. James Bond is on a revenge spree and what we get are some superb action set pieces, one after the other which gives us no time to breathe at all. Bond still doesnt give a damn about his martinis.

The movie drives into ecological mode when Bond finds out that the main villain is after a precious resource. I read somewhere that the villain is not made to look menacing coz the director wanted to showcase a corporate guy as the villain. Okay, but shouldnt he atleast act as a villain? The villain act just didnt click. Ditto for the Bolivian dictator guy. Not menacing enough. The gadgets shown are quite high tech though, and look flashy but cool. One point which should be noted is that this is a revamp of the whole Bond series. So we havent yet got to the point of Bond being cool and ruthless. He is still human and pines for Vesper. Agent ‘Q’ is still not introduced into the series. So no flashy cars or weapons either. 

Now the most important part, the Bond girls. Though Olga Kurylenko is a hot female, that tanned look didnt work. 😦 And is it just me who thinks that she looks like Catherine Zeta Jones? Gemma Arterton comes, she sleeps with Bond and she goes. I guess, after Eva Green’s act in Casino Royale, every other Bond girl looks passe. Not that these femmes arent hot, but I didnt feel that they fit the role. Daniel Craig is earnest and his passion to the series by doing most of the stunts himself is appreciable. He jumps, dives, pines, seduces, fights, kisses… is a tough job gentlemen, and Daniel is upto it.

All in all, it is worth a watch, for all those action set pieces. The name henceforth, Ladies and Gentlemen, is “Bourne, James Bourne”. Until there is many a “Quantum” shift in Bond’s character in the next movie 🙂


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