Free Ride

“At last”, he sighed as he typed the mail confirming the work he had done. He re checked the mail and sent it. He looked at the time. It was 11 PM. He thought of taking the company cab, but decided against it as he needed the car the next day. The security guy wished him as he walked out of the office. “Yeah, mom. I am coming home now”. He smiled to himself. A nice job, an eligible bachelor status. He was doing quite well, alright.


As he was traveling to his house, he saw a car flashing distress lights. He stopped near that car and looked around. There was only a girl there. She was taking a look at the engine and he could see her shake her head in dismay. “A nice profile”, he told himself and chuckled. “Hello, any help needed?” “Yeah. I have given up on the vehicle. Its just not starting. Say, don’t you work at ABC software solution. I have seen you there. I work at the adjacent company. I am Ritu”. She extended her hand. He shook her hand, “Ram” and offered to drop her at her place. “Oh, that would be great. I stay at Srinivasa Nagar. And you?” “I stay very close by, maybe about 2 blocks from your place”


She got into the car and started guiding him to her house. The house was small and not a patch on his house. He always liked to compare his house and car with the others’. “Thanks a lot for that ride. Come inside for 5 minutes. I make good coffee”, she winked. Not one to refuse a pretty girl, he thanked God and went inside. She asked him to wait at the living room and went in to change. She came in looking good in a simple kurta pyjama. The living room was full of photo frames. He had come across these family album hall concepts earlier. “So, are they all your family or friends?” he asked her. “No, no” she giggled. “I don’t have such a huge family. They are just the people who offered me a lift previously”, she told him as he looked closely at one photo to see a terrified face look back at him.


The lights went off and there was only a muffled scream and a flash of light. Silence ensued

7 Responses to “Free Ride”
  1. Avinash says:

    So did she rape him or what?

  2. Jet says:

    ha ha 😀 for the prev comment ….
    anyway story is toooo predictable ……….but the tag is good .own experience in shift ?? 😉

  3. Maddy says:

    “Late nights at office leads to all this” – and you work late night everyday 🙂 🙂

    So, the next time you see a car flashing distress lights and a pretty girl standing there, wouldn’t you offer her a free ride?? 😉 😛

  4. Prima says:

    a) You have been watching a lot of horror movies.. Take a break.. Watch some comedy stuff once in a while.. [:)]
    b) No doubt you’re inspired by Dracula.. [:D]
    c) I know for sure you wont take your bike during your night shifts .. [;)] [:D]
    d) You should venture out in the sun once in a while..
    e) Too many “close encounters” described to you in the office these days? [;)]

    Well.. Well.. The story is well written.. But I can still critique it some more.. [;)] Will save it for the next one.. [:D]

  5. gans says:

    @ Nash,

    Rapeaa?? Unakku aen ippadi thoanuthu? 🙂

    @ Jet,

    Predictableaa? Oh, appadiyaa? Shift is the root cause of all troubles 😀

    @ Maddy,

    I would… I would… U see, we never learn 😀

    @ Prima,

    Thanks for the compliment 🙂 and

    I do watch a lot of horror arnd me including office 😉 I did return to my hse by bike at 0100 hrs the day before yest. Close and Closed encounters 😛

  6. Aparna says:

    oooo.. am i scared.. oh come on gans.. we expect better from you.. 😀

  7. gans says:

    @ Aparna,
    After CAT, I guess nothing will scare you 😀

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