Vaaranam Aayiram

A roller coaster of emotions, this film. The movie wont be liked by all for sure. This movie is a personal tribute from Gautham to his late dad. A nice gesture, sure, but he should have presented the film in a better manner. The movie deals with a father – son relationship, and the ups and downs in their life. The first half is breezy and romantic, whereas the second half, simply put, is a snail. The movie is like Surya’s life in the movie: starts off very well, meanders a lot, and then settles down in the end. Now, I am all ok for a movie that meanders with the characters, but it should be supported by some really good scenes and dialogues and this is where Gautham falters. He presents us with scenes rehashed from his previous movies. The dialogues are in english for the most part. I have no problems with that. But not sure about the majority. 


  • Surya. He has handled each role very well. I liked the father character a lot.
  • Some scenes like where Surya breaks down while talking to his dad, and the scene where Meghna proposes to Surya.
  • Music. Sure, it does have a deja vu feel, but very very hummable.
  • Picturisation is super
  • Sameera Reddy is beautiful and she has acted pretty well. A double bonanza


  • Slow second half, not supported by good moments.
  • Rehashed scenes from Gautham’s previous ventures
  • Dialogues were not so gr8
  • Sure, Surya has a fab body…. But I guess, budgetary constraints applied to the hero and not heroine this time. 🙂

All in all, a very good first half and a sothappal (somewhat) second half. I would still recommend this movie for some very good moments. Plus its been some time, since we have seen a decent family entertainer.

3 Responses to “Vaaranam Aayiram”
  1. Jet says:

    i am forgiving u for the postmortem .. becaus of the last lines …
    its looong since i smiled thro a movie …..tats y i liked it 🙂
    as for budgetary constraints …remember ur ‘no complaints’ for shreya in shivaji … so this time a chance for the gals to say ‘No Complaints ‘ 😀

  2. gans says:

    @ Jet,
    I liked the 1st half a lot, buddy. But the second half was very average. And as for Shriya in Sivaji…. correettu thaan. But that was like scratching the surface. Even we want to see max exposure from the heroines then 😀

  3. Jet says:

    no comments 😀

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