Baesh Baesh – II

Part 1 is over here


Suppini had reservations….. not at her place, but about going to her place. Maybe it was the lure of coffee, maybe it was her or maybe it was both, the next Saturday saw him going to Sita’s place. As he pressed the bell, a range of questions went through his mind and he thought of backing out. But before he could do that, the door opened and a strict looking middle aged man opened the door. “Yes”. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. “Who do you want?” “Your daughter” “WHAT??” “I mean, your house filter coffee” “What??” Just as he thought that the man was going to pass out saying Whats, Sita appeared. “Oh hi, Subramanian, come inside. Appa, he is the friend who I was talking about. The one who is crazy about coffee.” Though he was nervous, he noted with glee that she addressed her father as Appa. He himself did the same and hated calling his parents, Mummy and Daddy.


Her father was still looking at him very suspiciously and he did what he thought was best for the occasion. He went to him and started reciting, “Abhivathayae….”. (Abhivathayae… is a verse that youngsters use to introduce themselves to elders. It contains their name, and Gothram. Sorry that I am not able to write the whole thing as I don’t know the full text. But rest assured, Suppini knows :). ) He looked up and sighed with relief when he smiled. He followed them into the house. She introduced him to her mom as well and her mom went inside to make some coffee, she smiled at him and apologized for her father’s stance. “Appa eppoathumae ippadithaan. Orae gedubidi, Subramanian”. He replied that it wasn’t a problem. “Call me Suppini. That’s how my family and close friends call me. Have you got a nick name as well?” “No. But my parents address me however they want. Would be embarrassing to reveal those names.”


He could smell the coffee and the conversation veered to coffee. He asked her the number of times she had coffee. The answer pleased him. She told him that she had as many number of coffee cups she wanted a day. He replied that he had as many cups as well and strong coffee when he had a headache as coffee was good for headaches. “Really”, she said, “then I should serve coffee to my electrical prof. She is a real headache.” Suppini laughed a little more than required for that feeble joke and that’s where it all started. They really enjoyed each other’s company and spent most of their spare time together.


They didn’t meet any resistance from their parents and the only fear that Suppini’s father had was whether she belonged to the same Gothram. That fear put aside, they fixed a date for their marriage after a year on completion of graduation. They were both placed in a reputed organization. Suppini and Sita laid down the condition that their marriage should take place only after they had worked for a year so that they had enough money of their own.


They were able to get a house near their place of work and settled there comfortably. Their habit of having coffee at nights had them welcoming their bundle of joy on their first anniv, a boy 🙂


                                                                 (To be continued….)

10 Responses to “Baesh Baesh – II”
  1. Jet says:

    ipdi coffee mela abaandama pazhi potutiye !;)

  2. Chandru says:

    Plz stop it…Sathiyama thangalai

  3. gans says:

    @ Jet,
    Pazhi poadala…. just praising it 😀

    @ Chandru,
    Dont bring in “Satyam” here 😛

  4. Prima says:

    Was that last line required????!!!

    Gosh!! May be thats the line that makes the writing uniquely yours!!

  5. Praba says:

    Edu enna coffee ad ah? Cafe Coffee Day un blog eh sponsor panrangala??

  6. gans says:

    @ Prima,
    The last line was a vintage eye opener, eh?? 😉

    @ Praba,
    Nalla idea vaa keethae…. but not for CCD though 🙂

  7. Dhivya says:

    While reading this, I was involuntarily reminded of the coffee joke in “yei nee romba…” movie 🙂
    Suppini coffee kudichu University rank vaanginano illayo… Appa rank vaangittan 😛

  8. Dhivya says:

    BTW… Nee oru naalaiku ethanai dhadavai kaapi kudippa? 😛

  9. Jet says:

    Dhivya hi-fi ….i was reminded of tat in the last episode itself 😉

  10. gans says:

    @ Dhivya,
    Univ rank of Suppini is external to the system 😀 and Jet was reminded of the s(h)ame joke. 😛

    @ Jet,
    S(h)ame S(h)ame 🙂

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