Baesh Baesh – III

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Part 2 is over here

Everything went on quite well. Suppini was in a very comfortable job, and Sita was also going very strong. Before long, Vaithu (their son) turned one and it was time to take him to their Family deity’s temple for the ceremony. Vaithu was turning out to be a healthy brat. Suppini and Sita adored him totally. His walk, his cries for food, his sigh when he was fed, and his smiles. He was quite a lovable chap and went to all the relatives. Simply put, everyone loved him and no, he wasn’t Raymond, just Vaithu. The only worry that they had was that Vaithu had not started speaking yet. But their parents assured them that this was always the case with the first child in any family.

Β Maybe to compensate for that, Vaithu also developed a strong liking for coffee. Right from the start when he started to distinguish between different smells, he used to close his eyes and breathe in deep whenever Sita made coffee and let out a contented sigh. And whenever Sita had him with her when she made coffee or snacks, he used to look to her expectantly. When he was a year and a half, she picked up a spoon and took some of the coffee to give to him. She blew on the coffee and gave it to him. He also blew on it, prompting a laugh from Sita and had a taste. From then on, he got his taste of coffee either through a spoon or through a biscuit dipped in coffee. Though Suppini thought that it was way too early for Vaithu to start on coffee, he didn’t protest.

Β When Suppini turned 3, he had still not said “Amma” or “Appa”, a must for all toddlers. That set off the first alarm bell in both Suppini and Sita. Their parents tried to think of a solution too but nothing struck them. The moment of enlightenment never came. Their days started and ended with teaching Vaithu to talk, all to no avail. He refused to say anything. He could cry and laugh though and that was it. They took him to all doctors who confirmed that he didn’t have a problem and that they should just let him be. They then took him to all temples. Everything failed.

She looked at him in exasperation as they mulled over the problem they had. The more they thought of it, the more morose they became. They had tried all possible suggested solutions, but none was useful. Suffice to say that, they were at their wit’s end. She sighed and said that she was going to a local park with Vaithu. “Please take care of the house till I come” He said ok and as soon as she went out of the house followed suit. He went to the local departmental store where he saw the coffee place being decked with a new coffee. The filter neednt be prepared, and the powder just needed to be mixed with milk and had. “Instant coffee”, he read. He thought that he could give it a try and bought a sachet.

She came home ten minutes after he had and immediately got a whiff of the smell. She and Vaithu went into the kitchen and saw him preparing something. Once done, he offered it to her announcing, “coffee ready”. She had a sip and liked it. She gave a spoon to Vaithu as well and asked Suppini the brand of the coffee. “Ithu Bru ma” was the response she got, but she heard a different voice. “Did you speak?”. Suppini said no and both turned around to see Vaithu repeating “Ithu Bru ma”

They made him repeat “Ithu Bru ma” 50 more times. They were the happiest family in the world for that moment.


Q: What would be the title if this story (senseless) was made into a movie?


A: Bru Almighty :D.

10 Responses to “Baesh Baesh – III”
  1. Aparna says:

    I’m gonna kill you the moment I land in Blore! πŸ˜›

    jokes apart.. good attempt but not even half good as your past attempts. 😦

    So I’m gonna say I’m one disappointed fan out here!

  2. gans says:

    @ Aparna,
    Lot of ppl want to kill me…. and wanted to write a part by part story…. and will sponsor a gaming session in Blur the next time we meet to get over your disappointment πŸ˜›

  3. Jet says:

    naaye !!!! thu .. unnai coffee ae kedaikaadha island la 10 varusham podanum!!

  4. Prima says:


    “Bru Almighty” – Why didn’t I think of that??? May be if you had told the story to an audience and in the end asked that question to the bunch of ppl listening, you would hear your grunt as the title of the story!! πŸ˜€

  5. Prima says:

    “Hail coffee!” – doesn’t that sound better πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  6. Avinash says:

    Name of the kid was “Vaithu “?? You mean Stomach? πŸ™‚

    Better Name for the movie could have been

    Bru PalSakkreTea !!

    Eppadi counter moakkai!

  7. gans says:

    @ Jet,
    will buy instant coffee packets and then go…. but then is there any such island?? πŸ˜›

    @ Prima,
    Ppl are ready to bash me up…. can name quite a few here πŸ˜€
    and “Hail Coffee” here too (Maybe that can be another story…. )

    @ Nash,
    Stomachaa?? machi, me didnt think of that πŸ˜€ Short form for Vaitheeshwaran. But un logic kum nallaa irukku πŸ™‚

  8. Dhivya says:

    Aiyyo Aiyyo…. Enna KKoduma ithu?
    marana kadiya irukku
    Narrative was gud, ana ending romba over…

  9. Dhivya says:

    And no need to name who are ready to beat u up. It’s apparent from the comments πŸ˜›

  10. gans says:

    @ Dhivya,
    Anything is better than Villu movie πŸ˜€

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