A Perfect Husband

He entered the house with mixed feelings. He had come here a lot of times to have a drink though his friend’s wife didnt like it. A pretty woman, no doubt, but a nag. She had always been after her hubby and even though Raghu was well off, she always wanted more. But now she was no more. She had been shot when she and Raghu had gone to a place. An armed burgler had come there and after relieving all of their money and jewels, had started shooting indiscriminately at all. Raghu was fortunate to escape. The Mrs was not. He should have been there for the weekly drink session. But this week was not to be

As he entered the house, he could sense a whiff of whiskey. As he rushed in to see if his friend had drunk a bit too much, he found him to be in a very sober mood. Raghu beckoned him to come over and take a glass. As he poured the scotch into his glass, he forced himself to be calm and asked Raghu how he felt and how the incident happened.

He: How did it happen, machi?

Raghu: We went there for an after wedding party when this guy turned up and flashed his gun. He asked us to hand over all the jewels and money to him and his partner. We did it.

He: Then?

Raghu: Just when we thought that the worst was over, he took out his gun and started firing at people.

He: So did you get down and pull the Mrs as well?

Raghu: Well, she was always of the opinion that a man should keep his wife before himself.

He: So?

Raghu: So…. and that was that.

He: Adapaavi….

Raghu: She was too much of a nag, anyway. You know of any good girls?

4 Responses to “A Perfect Husband”
  1. Jet says:


  2. Aishu says:

    Now I know why you kept laughing when u asked me to read this! So, I am not gonna comment on that particular aspect. But predictable ending man!

  3. Mike says:

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  4. gans says:

    @ Jet,
    Athae thaan….

    @ Aishu,

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