Alliance Francaise

 Not many people are aware that I have started on my French classes recently. When I first told my buddies that I am thinking about starting on French, the reactions were varied. I was asked whether I knew Hindi in the first place or Kannada, and my response was zilch to both. One buddy of mine even went as far as to say that not all matter movies are in French 🙂 So all said and done, I joined French classes at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore from 07th March onwards. Some of you might remember my post on deciphering Kannada and I thought it will do good to decipher French as well. There are a lot of Tamil and Hindi sounding words in French but more of that later. The course was a weekend batch. The first thing that struck me was that the campus was very good. The second thing was that the instructor was also good 😉 and her choice of dresses was also good. It’s been a long time since I saw an instructor dress so elegantly. Back to the Language now. 

The funny thing with French is that it sounds as you are chewing the words and spitting it out.

 Short cut to French 1: Omit all the last letters in the words. Voila, you are almost there. Example: question in French is Kestio…. Notice that the last letter is left out. So the next time you speak with a French guy, omit all the last letters in your words and you might as well end up speaking French with him 🙂 

 Coming back to the main topic, I found that some French words had a mix of Tamil, Hindi and obviously English. More words will appear whenever I learn them.

 1) A tout a’ l’heure. Pronounced as A thoo thallagh. The nearest word is Ada thoo thallu. Meaning is pretty close as well. While in French, it means “Cya in a while”, in Tamil, it means “Shut up and get lost” 🙂

2) Une autre fois. Pronounced as eoon othge fo. The nearest word I can think of is in English, What the fuck? The meaning in French is “One more time”. The English one, I guess, is self explanatory 😛

3) Ecoutez. Pronounced as Aekuthey. The nearest word of course is in Hindi, “Aei Kuthae”. The French word means “Listen” and I guess the Hindi part is self explanatory again.

As I said, more words will follow as and when I learn. Finally, I saw this plaque in the restroom which takes Toilet Humor to New Heights 🙂 The plaque is below:  


One Response to “Alliance Francaise”
  1. Jet says:

    ROFL the plaque 🙂 and ur matching wid hindi/tamil TOO MUCH

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