Soap – Not about the protocol

My choice for soap will always be Cinthol. Its got a pretty non obtrusive smell which other soaps cant beat for life. Hamam was good, but they have added so many herbs of late, that my mind starts playing the song, “Chandrika  soapin thuimai…. (The purity of Chandrika soap, set to tune)” when I smell Hamam. So I am pretty content with Cinthol and when you need to spend some 8 hours in an Air conditioned office, it’s not a problem at all. 

But it’s not the case when I go to my relative’s place. I do take my soap along, but I forget it sometimes. So I am treated to a variety of soaps at their places. I always had that nagging feeling that the relatives wouldn’t use the soaps anyway and were just waiting for an unsuspecting relative to dump it on. That sometimes used to be me. Once I was given a bar of Lux, which was totally spotted and looked like a rabies infected dog. The spots varied as well….. green, red…. Damn, do people really take bath with those soaps? Ironically I heard later that it is called a beauty bar. Guess it can do with some beauty itself. 

But the best part was when I had been to Chennai once and my relative handed me a bar of Dove soap… oops, Dove is not soap, but more on that later. Chennai and salt water make a potent combo for sure. (Chennai lovers, I am not against the city, but you got to admit that the water’s tough and hard (pun unintended 🙂 )) In Chennai, even after 10 minutes of you taking bath, you start sweating. There I was, trying to get rid of both the salt water and Dove. All this time, many tag lines for Dove ran through my mind. 

Dove is not just soap…. And for you, there’s just no hope 

Dove is not just soap….It’s both cream and a total scream 

So after some time, I was done with my bath and came out. Amma remarked, “Dei, Dove paravaa illada….konjam vellai aayitta (You have become fair)”. I was pretty happy when she came upto me and said, “Dei, ozhungaa kulikkalayaa? Soap innum irukku (“Didn’t you take bath properly? There is still soap remaining” Damage. Total Damage. It was then I thought, “Dove is not soap. It is a nightmare.” But then, the thought that most of the girls are hiding under Dove cheered me up 😛 

PS: I took revenge against the relative who gave me a Dove cream bar after all 😉 Seems the bathroom I took bath in housed the only western closet and she was left waiting outside for some 15 minutes. Revenge has never been this nasty 🙂

4 Responses to “Soap – Not about the protocol”
  1. Jet says:

    Yep the damn thing is more like a cream ….
    I have had my worst experiences with ‘santoor’ kinda soaps …
    I love green cinthol better than old one …..

    And lol … too nasty revenge 🙂

    When the world thinks abt soap serials

    Heres the man who thinks abt the ‘real’ soap 🙂

  2. Aparna says:

    //which was totally spotted and looked like a rabies infected dog.
    //Guess it can do with some beauty itself.

    Reminds me of the alage soap that we saw in forum.. remember?? 😛

    Well thats quite some research on Dove ! 😛 And real nasty revenge!

  3. rajaji says:


    nice… my vote also to Cinthol!!! a far better soap than most others… though I have a liking for Medimix and Chandrika too!! (my travel kit always carries a Medimix)

    and, you forgot to include ‘lifebuoy’, that ‘Sengal’ soap!!
    gosh!! takes months to finish even if used doubly strong!! 🙂

    wat a way to take revenge!! you!! 🙂

  4. gans says:

    @ Jet,
    The guy dove when he saw dove 😛

    @ Aparna,
    Whatay smell illa antha soap? phew….. Vadivel dialogue would have fitted perfectly…

    “Kittathila paartha terroraa iruppaenda terroraa” 🙂

    @ Rajaji,
    Welcome welcome…. Now you have got a taste… oops, whiff of how I write. Hope you come back 😀

    And Medimix…. kai kodukkum Dheivam…. think I would have bought around 200 Rs of sample soaps till now 🙂

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