“So what did my little girl do today?”


“I went to the park, appa. I played on the swings, and the slide for some time. Then I started watching people and observing them”


“Do you do that a lot, Ammu?”


“Yes, appa. And today, especially there was a young lady and man who were very sad. Though all the people around them were very very happy, they were very sad”


“What happened then?”


“They became even more sad as they saw me walking towards them. So I took out my camera and asked them to pose”


“Whats the point, Ammu? Yours is just a toy camera”


“I know that appa. I just wanted them to smile”

13 Responses to “Smile….”
  1. Maddy says:

    Too good 🙂 🙂

    Made me smile now 🙂

  2. gans says:

    @ Maddy,
    Glad it did 🙂

  3. Jet says:

    tcho tcho …..
    sweet one Gans !

  4. rajaji says:

    super, gans,. 🙂

  5. aishu says:

    Sweet! 🙂

  6. Avi says:

    Appo….. neenga……. Sentiment ah!

  7. gans says:

    @ Jet,

    @ Rajaji,
    Thanks thala 🙂

    @ Aishu,
    Avoided the usual mokka 😉

    @ Nash,
    Aen intha Mani “Sir” dialogue? 🙂

  8. Aparna says:

    Where is the comment that I left here? I demand it to be restored!

  9. Pratheep says:

    Good one Gans..
    unakku comdy dhaan varum-nu nenachen..
    sentiment kooda nalla varum-pola irukke

  10. Dhivya says:

    Gans… It’s a (pleasant) surprising post from u!!!It’s very touchy n cute 🙂

  11. Aparna says:

    Awww.. cute.. But somehow feels overly cheesy coming from you! You can do so much better than this you know!

    [I dont remember my actual comment.. but it was something on this lines.. ]

  12. gans says:

    @ Prima,

    @ Pratheep,
    Thala, coming from you, this is the highest compliment 🙂

    @ Dhivya,
    The other side of Gans 😀

    @ Appu,
    You are so used to the sarcasm that you find this cheesy. I am honored actually 😉

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