Born Again

She looked up at the hospital. Everything was white in color, right from the high ceiling to the doctors’ coats and the socks the nurses wore. She then looked at herself, the only dirty spot in the hospital now. “Filth”, her mom had exclaimed after she learned that her daughter was not one but two lives now. She had started puking some days back ( Not surprising as it had been quite a while since the bastard had crept into her bed and pounded her, second after second, minute after minute and from then on, night after night). It was then that her mom had realised that she was speaking the truth and admonished her severely, as if she could have avoided it.

The doctor was a nice man, she thought as he sat down to explain the procedure to her. Right from the time she knew she was pregnant and she realised the importance of it, she had a ray of hope that this wasn’t a bad world. But she also knew to have a child now was sinful and she could never have her son or daughter delivered to her intact. She would never know the colour, and sex of her child. Maybe if she had a child in her later years…. but she highly doubted if she would be able to reciprocate the attention of any man in the future.

“The early stage has crossed, else we would have been able to do a vacuum suction”, the doctor said. For some strange reason, she imagined the doctor to be a Eureka Forbes sales guy and giggled. The only time in some months. Her mom glared at her and she became silent again. The good doctor took offence at it and started giving statistics about the number of unwed mothers coming to his hospital for abortions. She again thought of herself as the only black spot in this white hospital. If only he knew….

The operation ended. She wondered what will happen to her baby, unborn and unformed. Will it be buried, burnt or just thrown away? She didn’t realise the tears that welled up in her eyes, which overflowed to her face when she blinked. The hospital now appeared in a new light to her. That of a burial place. With all the abortions happening there every day. She was going to stay with her grandmother now on. She was never going back to her home again. She would not be going back to her father. Her child’s father. In a way the delivery had happened. She was born again. There would be peace and happiness again. Hopefully.

5 Responses to “Born Again”
  1. Ankita says:

    Speechless and impressed…

  2. Jet says:

    yes she is born again ….. and no bloody à$$****
    can steal her happiness !!!

  3. Aparna says:

    Very nice,
    but Eureka Forbes?? too much chacha 🙂 (couldn’t miss it)

  4. Aparna says:

    Speechless! Poignant! Rivetting!

  5. Aishu says:

    read it only today. serious stuff for a change. depressing topic!

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