Friend 1 is celebrating his bday. Friend 2 has gone onsite and wishes him via Facebook. Lot of people like the comment and add their own comments. Friend 1 gets pissed off cos he was wished thru FB and swears and breaks his friendship, all on facebook. Lot of people go “awwww” and offer him hugs and tell him that he is the best. This continues for some 4 years where both of them swear at each other thru FB

This is picked up by some random news channel which highlights the case. They report the case, play random sentimental photos of them together (stolen from FB, the ones marked very very private as well), and finally say “They can face the book, but cant face each other”. Both the enemies see the program, the photos and become emotional again. They call each other and become close friends again

Moral of the story: “Corporates are right in blocking FB and Orkut and all social sites”

In memory of all the “Whatever” Days….

2 Responses to “Fraand-Ship”
  1. Ash says:

    What are they teaching you? 🙂

  2. Jet says:

    yea ppl don talk wid d person nearby ..but spend hours on FB orkut SOCIALISING ::)

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