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There have been countless instances in the past where I had the time to  blog. But then the stories I had in mind were either unfinished or way too illogical/ twisted. Totally at a loss now for stories. But then, was chatting with my friends about music, singers and preferences for them. Now the name that immediately springs to my mind when you mention “Music Director” is Ilayaraja. I like A R Rahman a lot. But when I am given a choice, I will go for IR anyday. The numerous background scores by IR are God like. Sample: Mouna Ragam title score and the scene where Karthik gets killed. There have been times when I have listened to “Rakkamma” the whole day in a a loop. That brings  me to the next thing. SPB. I staunchly believe that Tamil Music is blessed to have both. And we are super lucky to have got them both in the prime of their forms. Though I like Hariharan, SPB is miles ahead of all the singers. The way, he laughs during the song, and the way he conveys emotion in the song is something which can never be done by many singers (my opinion). And SPB is what this post is about….

Rakkamma kaiya Thattu (Thalapathy)

The opening music, violin and SPB’s voice, his laugh at the end, the transition from the slow music at the end to Rakkamma again….. Goosebump inducing song every time you hear it. The song got listed at the top in TIME once and for once the hype is not unjustified.

Kadhalin Deepam (Thambikku entha Ooru)

This is the ultimate song for romance….. SPB oozes emotion in this song. Sample, the way he starts the song. Kids these days apart, almost everyone in TN would have heard of this song and loved it.

Sangeetha Jathi Mullai (Kadhal Oviyam)

I am not sure that many would have heard of this song from Kadhal Oviyam. This is a gem of a song. Although the credit should go to the lyricist as well for lyrics like

Kangal vanthum, Paavai illai, Paarvai Illai (I have regained my eyes, but my love is not here and so I am still blind)

Vizhi illai enum boathu, vazhi koduthaai; Vizhi vantha pinnal en siragodithaai? (When I was blind, you showed me the way; But pray tell me, why did U clip my wings when I got my eyes)

Note: My Bad that I didnt mention the lyricist as Vairamuthu. One of the best songs of his. Mr. Annamalai, thanks for that 🙂

Check out the portions where you feel that he actually cries out in angst for her. And then he is back to pleading for his woman to come back to him. Brilliant stuff and one of SPB’s most excellent renditions. At some portions, his voice is so damn choked with emotions that you actually feel that this is not SPB at all.

Vanithamani (Vikram)

Just one reason is enough for me to love this song….. The initial portion where Kamal and Ambika have a lovey dovey sing song conversation and the tempo builds up. At one point of time, SPB takes over and the transition is so damn smooth that you wont know when Kamal leaves it and when SPB takes over. It is as smooth as a Blue label peg 😉


I have missed many songs…. But these songs are the ones I immediately think of (Top of the mind recall, if you please. MBA has corrupted me). If anyone has any other song in mind, drop it in the comment box, pls 🙂

Havent added the videos as it is blocked in some offices. Try watching/ hearing these 4 songs, if you havent. You will like them a lot. If you have already watched/ heard these songs, you know that you cant stop hearing them again and again and again….

8 Responses to “Start Music….”
  1. Annamalai L says:

    ‘Sippi irukkudhu, muthu irukkudhu’ from Varumayin Niram Sirappu, ‘Mannil indha’ from Keladi Kanmani (both IR).. ‘Minnale nee vandhadhenadi’ from May Maadham, ‘Kaadhal Rojave’ from Roja (both ARR) – my personal all time SPB favourites ..

    And you got 36k+ of his overall to choose from.. phewww !!!

    And dey – sangeetha jaathimullai, better quote Vairamuthu as Vairamuthu and not as some ‘X’ lyricist.. millions would take offence at it !!!

  2. Jet says:

    i have not even read it fully…but made my day….
    SPB brings in life to every song and jus listening to Rakkamma can mend us from any low mood

  3. Jet says:

    netru pol indru ilai..indru pol nalai ilai and he goess ‘aaaa’ with a smile …heavenly 🙂

  4. Gans says:

    @ Anna,

    Post edited to accomodate that…. Yeah man, an astonishing repository of his songs. But still, I keep listening to all the songs I mentioned in a loop always.

    Sippi irukkuthu…. I should have quoted, damn

    @ Jet,

    Eggjactly. He breathes life into the songs just like that 🙂 The way he hums and laughs in Rakkamma is just too good

  5. Dhivya says:

    What happened to u? 🙂 this is a suprise change (atleast for me) from your previous blog posts. But I’m really happy u touched the subject of music. As u say, SPB is far from comparison to latest generation singers. He has sung thousands of songs and atleast hundred I can add to the list 🙂

    Top 5 (apart from the above) on my mind:
    1) pothi vecha malliga mottu
    2) Mandram vantha thendralukku
    3) Neela vaana oadaiyil
    4) Ilamai itho itho
    5) Singari Sarakku 😛

  6. Gans says:

    @ Dhivya,

    I worship SPB and thats why the post. There is a huge DB of his songs out there. Humanly impossible to talk abt his full career 🙂

  7. Appy says:

    Gans?? Neeya idhu…

    Lovely songs buddy.. And yeah there are just too many to choose from..

    I am surprised you quoted “Sangeetha Jaathi Mullai”.. Me loves that song.. But kinda thought no one else did..

    Nenjil.. endrum.. undhan.. bimbam..
    Love it!

  8. Gans says:

    @ Appy,

    Vaamaa Minnal 🙂 Naanae Naanae. Kalyaana vayasayiduthu. So the pheelings 😛

    Guess Sangeetha Jaathi Mullai is quite a cult song. All of us think only some people know it but the truth is otherwise. Wonderful song 🙂

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