Love Story

As she turned and put her hand on him, she smiled as her hand easily adjusted to the contours of him. Not a surprise there as they were now married for 9 years and known each other for 10 years now. A long time in this age. She knew everything about him. He always enjoyed a sound sleep. She pressed against him a little more. He didn’t stir. She was not able to sleep. Too many memories clouded her mind. A smile came to her as she remembered the day he had first met her, a complete stranger at that point in time.

She was just out of a relationship, one that had been her very life till then. But then life, as she came to realise, shows its ugly side from time to time. Her boy friend had behaved like a prick then and a bitter quarrel ensued about life after marriage. After ending their relationship, she had walked out of the mall along with the memories that simply refused to leave. It was funny when people run behind photographs when their biggest album was right there in their heads. She broke down while sitting on the steps. It was then that she met him. Nope, to be fair, he had talked to her first. She had this backpack of hers with a teddy bear attached to the zip. He glanced at her while passing by and then came back behind her. She didn’t notice him.

“Your teddy bear is cute”

She uttered a “What” as she turned around

He repeated the sentence, “Your teddy bear is cute”

She couldn’t help smiling as she said thanks.

“Phew, you smiled. Couldn’t bear to see you cry. Alright then. Will carry on”

“Wai….” She let it hang. She didn’t know what to say.

“Well, if you need some company at this point now, can do that. Care to come for some coffee with me? I had this book which I wanted to read in the coffee shop, but I can also use some company for a change while having coffee”

That wasn’t a pick up line she was used to usually. But she agreed and that’s where it started off. He was fun to be with and knew what he wanted to do with his life. He also let her be her usual self everywhere and didn’t impose any regulations. But he was quite possessive sometimes, something which she was happy about.

She thought she heard him stir, or maybe she imagined it. She waited for some more time before she continued her thoughts about their life.

He was an online marketing consultant and she was a PR executive. After a year, they decided to get married. Their parents had no issues at all and one fine day they were married. They both didn’t change a lot after marriage and life went on as usual. There were the usual fights, the ones that creep in when you have led life as an individual for quite some time and suddenly you find that another person has beat you to the loo. Or when they criticise your taste in movies or other indulgences. Apart from that life was good.

As time went by, they both settled into a comfortable routine. Both their careers were going quite well. Their physical relationship took a bit of a backseat but was there nevertheless. Slowly other things started creeping in. The stress of their jobs took its toll on their marriage. More fights than the usual ones followed by hours of not talking to each other marked this phase in their life.

And slowly, even that settled into a comfortable routine. Maybe they did want a break from each other from time to time each day or week. The aggression shifted someplace instead. Their lovemaking became more aggressive, something which they both were not comfortable about. But then she thought, they had to let out their aggression somewhere.

And then sometime back, as the phrase goes, when the shit hits the fan, it becomes very bad. She had come for the party. Recently, tongues had been wagging about the affair between him and the other woman. She was quite a looker and had a wonderful profile. “She has some nerve”, she thought for coming to an anniversary party where she was the potential breaker. She hadn’t cared about the rumours. She was not the one to break her head over certain things. But after looking at the way he had kept looking at her and talking with her, she wasn’t sure.

“What was her name again?”


“Come on, don’t overact. That woman in the black dress. She was quite a stunner”


“You like her don’t you? Saw that at the party”

“Hmmm…. Yeah”

“Well, I don’t care for anything as long as our routine is normal”

“Uh…. We need to talk. I think I would need a divorce”

The words were out of his mouth express fast, but he had said it. And in his eyes she saw how determined he was.

“Well, can’t we talk more? You know how well I value this relationship”

“I don’t think so. In the recent years there have been only fights”

There. He had said it. She knew he wanted to justify his decision based on that. He wouldn’t say that Aliya was more voluptuous than her. No sir, it had to be more than that. No person would want to admit it was because of lust. She laid out the plates for dinner.

She tossed and turned around in bed. She faced the other side now. Coming to think now, in a less turbulent frame of mind, she thought that she wouldn’t have done it. It was too stupid a reaction. “But then am I not human and prone to haste?”, she thought to no one in particular. She put his hand on him again. He was getting a bit cold. She got down from bed and got out the linen. She covered him till the neck. No need for the head, she told herself. The head was still warm. A little sticky as she took her hand back, but warm nevertheless. A sticky post always remains on top, she thought and giggled at her own PJ.

She washed her hands and then willed herself to sleep as tomorrow was a busy day. She should maybe start with cleaning the mess at the dining room….

7 Responses to “Love Story”
  1. yamini says:

    initially i liked it ….but after reading the ending just loved it… 😛

  2. Jet says:

    aaaha super :)….
    “It was funny when people run behind photographs when their biggest album was right there in their heads.”–how true gans ….
    nice write up da …..No sir nobody will accept it as lust 🙂 jus tooooo goood

  3. Gans says:

    @ Yamini,

    Danke danke 🙂

    @ Jet,

    Glad U liked it 🙂 Even I liked those 2 lines a lot when I completed the story….. And as always super that the ending is clear to you 🙂

  4. Ashwini says:

    What! Why! ?!?@#? I’m confused! I hated the post but just loved it!

    You write really well dude!

  5. Sonal says:

    Loved the end!
    You write well Gans 🙂

  6. Gans says:

    @ Ash,

    Conflicting emotions, eh? 🙂

    @ Sonal,

    Welcome to Gansense 🙂 And Thanks 🙂

  7. Aparna says:

    Loved it. You know why 😛

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