Random Ramblings 3

With the spectrum scams breaking out, no one in the party thought it will cause a problem with their music habits. But still, that happened when the Ex Telecom Minister got a major issue with the famous song “Raja kaiyya vechaa, Adhu Wrongaa poanathilla” 🙂 Latest news is that it has been taken off the playlists of a lot of workers

Then there was this story of a criminal who was from Tamil Nadu. He had conveniently managed to evade questioning by the Police. Finally when the court directed the police to conduct a Lie Detector test for him, he was still confident that he will get through. Now he is languishing in jail. It was indeed a huge surprise when the “poly”graph test failed 🙂

Numerology is playing a huge role when parents want to name their kids. The current scenario is where all parents name their kids with names starting with A. This means that their kid will be first in class and other things that they pursue. And there are these random cases of teachers complaining about names like Veeeeeeeeeeeresh. Roll call takes a longer time is the common complaint. But as always there is an odd man out. So this is the story of a man who used his name as a weapon against the credit card system. A sample goes like this.

Credit card caller: We are calling from you never see bank. Is this Amrish?

Aaaamrish: No this is Aaaamrish

CCC: Yes sir, thats what I meant.

Aaaamrish: No, you meant Amrish. This is Aaaamrish

CCC: Just to confirm, A for America, M for Money, R for River, I for India, S for Super, H for Honest?

Aaaamrish: No no, A for America, A for America, A for America….

CCC (cutting in): Sir, I heard you the first time…..

Aaaamirish: If this continues, you will be hearing things for the last time. See, my name is A for….

CCC: Sir, if you dont mind, will call in a while. Will call you back. Thank you sir
And that was that….

5 Responses to “Random Ramblings 3”
  1. Jet says:

    😀 mokkai ramblings ??? Credit card kaaranuke alva vaa ? 🙂

  2. Srividya says:

    first mokai was good! whos the chinese guy n why is he in ur template?

    • Gans says:

      Danke danke 🙂 Korean actually…… Actor in “A Bittersweet LIfe”. Why is he in my blog? Cos it is indeed a bittersweet life 🙂

  3. Dhivya says:

    mokkai poattalum sakkaiya than podura 😛
    Gud ones…

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