Ransom at a Price – 1

He came to his senses when the vehicle slowed down. The road, he sensed was in poor condition and the ride tended to get bumpy. The car picked up speed again and came to a screeching halt after sometime, by when he was fully awake. He couldn’t see where they were headed as he was blindfolded. It had been a week since they had kidnapped him and it had been hell. He felt his face and he could feel a raw wound. He was guessing that he had become thinner from all the starving, what with just one plate of meal a day. Why and who would kidnap him? He had been constantly thinking whenever he was conscious about who had the motive to kidnap him, but he wasn’t able to arrive at a proper conclusion. He was rich and yes, his position of power has helped in making a lot of friends and enemies. But still, he wasn’t able to zero in on some particular persons.

They dragged him out of the car, and as the blows rained on him again, he puked. He couldn’t take it anymore. He stumbled to his feet and started moving helter skelter. Laughing, they caught him and started dragging him across the terrain. He moved over stones, thorns and hard mud. He tried to focus. Could it be Madhusudhan, that rival boss who fumed over the loss of his contract? Or Karthikeya who lost a land auction? He couldn’t make his mind up.

They stopped dragging him at a particular point and made him stand up. He swayed. As the others laughed, he sensed that his swaying was not just because of his weakness and general condition, but also because of the strong wind. It was a cliff, he thought. And this was it. He was going to be murdered and they will bury all traces of him. As they brought him closer and closer to the edge of the cliff, the wind got stronger and the fear on his face loomed large.

He wanted to scream, but it wouldn’t come out and as they pushed him, he felt helpless. There were a lot more things that he wanted to do, and to achieve. Now it was all gone. His empire will be shared among a lot of people now after this. He desperately wanted to scream, and he let it out…..

His scream was cut short as he hit the floor. Much too short for a cliff, and wonder of wonders, he was still alive. He then realised that they had pushed him off a cliff into a made up cushion area. He swallowed hard. He puked again. He felt a chill running through his body. What would these people want from him? As he heard the sounds approaching him, he noticed a new sound; that of a hard shoe walking on gravel. He hadn’t heard it before.

He was pulled up roughly and a new voice spoke to him, “I have seen the fear in your face, Sethu. All that bravado you displayed on that TV show is false. Wont be long before I get what I want from you. It will take some time, but I have all the time in the world”. TV show, what TV show, he thought as he spat in the direction from which the voice came. The reply came in the form of a hard shoe blow to his face, courtesy the new man. He fell, unconscious.

“Take him back to the den”, the raspy voice commanded the others….


[To be continued….]


2 Responses to “Ransom at a Price – 1”
  1. Jet says:

    cat stand the suspense …post the continuation sooon…. good writing ,way to go gans !!

  2. Dhivya says:

    Very late reply to this story I know… you know I always look forward to your stories and doubtless this is an engaging start… but like the kidnapper says “It will take some time, but I have all the time in the world”, seems you are taking all the time in the world to post the continuation 😛

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