Random Ramblings 4

With “The Social Network” being such a hit (critically and audience wise), it was decided to have a film made after Twitter as well. But the makers had no choice after a while but to shelve it. They gave the reason that they had no space for character development. Plus they had to use only … Continue reading

Aaranya Kaandam

What would you expect from a movie which has the opening credits streaming slowly and serenely? After seeing the trailer, you know that the movie is about gangs, violence and has a lot of acerbic humor. But the credits take you by surprise. One of the audience members even shouted to crank up the volume. … Continue reading

Start Music….

There have been countless instances in the past where I had the time to  blog. But then the stories I had in mind were either unfinished or way too illogical/ twisted. Totally at a loss now for stories. But then, was chatting with my friends about music, singers and preferences for them. Now the name … Continue reading

Vaaranam Aayiram

A roller coaster of emotions, this film. The movie wont be liked by all for sure. This movie is a personal tribute from Gautham to his late dad. A nice gesture, sure, but he should have presented the film in a better manner. The movie deals with a father – son relationship, and the ups … Continue reading

The name is….

Bourne, James Bourne. I guess this is how 007 will announce himself in all his forthcoming movies. Move over Suaveness and Sophistication. Being Grim and Gritty is the in thing. QoS continues from where Casino Royale left off. James Bond is on a revenge spree and what we get are some superb action set pieces, … Continue reading

Life Of Brian

Satire and comedy are not easy genres. Not many movies/ actors are successful in making people laugh and the recent spate of movies in Tamil and Hindi just prove that. Monty Pythons’ feature film “Life of Brian” is a sheer delight for all comedy fans and one of my all time fav movies. Though the film … Continue reading

Movies Not So Normal – 2

                                     David Lynch is known for his bizarre, surreal movies and the reception that his movies have got are always at the extreme end. His movies are either loved or hated very much. His Mulholland Drive, though has been very favorably received by the movie critics and fans. I saw it sometime back and my … Continue reading

Rock On

Watched Rock On yesterday and found it to be a one time watch. I cant understand the frenzy the movie is causing but I would definitely recommend it. Highs: The songs, esp Tum Ho toh and Na na na….. I liked the way, Farhan Akthar sang the songs. The way they were taken was also … Continue reading

Movies not so normal – 1

                                                                                 One of my roomies once remarked about a movie called “Kaakka Kaakka, The Police”. He said it was a good movie, but the violence was a bit too much. I told him that the violence in that movie was nothing when compared to some movies I have seen. In “Movies not so normal”, … Continue reading

The Dark Knight

                                        In many ways, The Dark Knight can be separated from its super hero stuff and made to stand alone as a well made action/ gangster movie, and that in itself a great accomplishment. In this explosive sequel to the Batman Begins, which released around 3 years back, Christian Bale returns as the Batman/ … Continue reading