Random Ramblings 4

With “The Social Network” being such a hit (critically and audience wise), it was decided to have a film made after Twitter as well. But the makers had no choice after a while but to shelve it. They gave the reason that they had no space for character development. Plus they had to use only … Continue reading

Ransom at a Price – 1

He came to his senses when the vehicle slowed down. The road, he sensed was in poor condition and the ride tended to get bumpy. The car picked up speed again and came to a screeching halt after sometime, by when he was fully awake. He couldn’t see where they were headed as he was … Continue reading

Child’s play

As the relatives and parents rejoiced and celebrated the new arrival in the room, the 4 year old kid looked on in silence….   The story that I had submitted for the “Flash Fiction” competition at MICA. The theme was “Jealousy“. Your comments, please

Love Story

As she turned and put her hand on him, she smiled as her hand easily adjusted to the contours of him. Not a surprise there as they were now married for 9 years and known each other for 10 years now. A long time in this age. She knew everything about him. He always enjoyed … Continue reading

Slim Pickings

Hola there, long time no see. What’s up? You, of course. Who else will I come searching for? Nice. But are you sure that you are the right choice? I don’t know, but you have irritated him and that’s why I am here. Damn, it’s dark in here. I pity you man. This is very … Continue reading


Friend 1 is celebrating his bday. Friend 2 has gone onsite and wishes him via Facebook. Lot of people like the comment and add their own comments. Friend 1 gets pissed off cos he was wished thru FB and swears and breaks his friendship, all on facebook. Lot of people go “awwww” and offer him … Continue reading

Family Ties

Happy New Year to You all…. May the New Year bring in happiness to you and all that… It’s been quite some time since I blogged. What better way to bring in the New Year than having a new story? So here goes….. There was this family of 3 people. They were very devout Catholics. … Continue reading

Born Again

She looked up at the hospital. Everything was white in color, right from the high ceiling to the doctors’ coats and the socks the nurses wore. She then looked at herself, the only dirty spot in the hospital now. “Filth”, her mom had exclaimed after she learned that her daughter was not one but two … Continue reading

Problem solver

“Come in” “Good morning, doctor. My name is Kalpana” “What can I do for you? My secretary told me that you had called to enquire when I would come and also about my therapy sessions” “Yes, doctor, I have a lot of problems” “Well, go on….” “How do I start? Arun and Sheela have started … Continue reading


“So what did my little girl do today?”   “I went to the park, appa. I played on the swings, and the slide for some time. Then I started watching people and observing them”   “Do you do that a lot, Ammu?”   “Yes, appa. And today, especially there was a young lady and man … Continue reading