Random Ramblings 4

With “The Social Network” being such a hit (critically and audience wise), it was decided to have a film made after Twitter as well. But the makers had no choice after a while but to shelve it. They gave the reason that they had no space for character development. Plus they had to use only … Continue reading

Aaranya Kaandam

What would you expect from a movie which has the opening credits streaming slowly and serenely? After seeing the trailer, you know that the movie is about gangs, violence and has a lot of acerbic humor. But the credits take you by surprise. One of the audience members even shouted to crank up the volume. … Continue reading

Random Ramblings 3

With the spectrum scams breaking out, no one in the party thought it will cause a problem with their music habits. But still, that happened when the Ex Telecom Minister got a major issue with the famous song “Raja kaiyya vechaa, Adhu Wrongaa poanathilla” 🙂 Latest news is that it has been taken off the … Continue reading

Slim Pickings

Hola there, long time no see. What’s up? You, of course. Who else will I come searching for? Nice. But are you sure that you are the right choice? I don’t know, but you have irritated him and that’s why I am here. Damn, it’s dark in here. I pity you man. This is very … Continue reading


Friend 1 is celebrating his bday. Friend 2 has gone onsite and wishes him via Facebook. Lot of people like the comment and add their own comments. Friend 1 gets pissed off cos he was wished thru FB and swears and breaks his friendship, all on facebook. Lot of people go “awwww” and offer him … Continue reading

Abhinav Bindra, Pls Note :)

Courtesy: Mapro Gardens @ Mahabaleshwar

Family Ties

Happy New Year to You all…. May the New Year bring in happiness to you and all that… It’s been quite some time since I blogged. What better way to bring in the New Year than having a new story? So here goes….. There was this family of 3 people. They were very devout Catholics. … Continue reading

Problem solver

“Come in” “Good morning, doctor. My name is Kalpana” “What can I do for you? My secretary told me that you had called to enquire when I would come and also about my therapy sessions” “Yes, doctor, I have a lot of problems” “Well, go on….” “How do I start? Arun and Sheela have started … Continue reading

Alliance Francaise

 Not many people are aware that I have started on my French classes recently. When I first told my buddies that I am thinking about starting on French, the reactions were varied. I was asked whether I knew Hindi in the first place or Kannada, and my response was zilch to both. One buddy of … Continue reading

A Perfect Husband

He entered the house with mixed feelings. He had come here a lot of times to have a drink though his friend’s wife didnt like it. A pretty woman, no doubt, but a nag. She had always been after her hubby and even though Raghu was well off, she always wanted more. But now she … Continue reading