Ransom at a Price – 1

He came to his senses when the vehicle slowed down. The road, he sensed was in poor condition and the ride tended to get bumpy. The car picked up speed again and came to a screeching halt after sometime, by when he was fully awake. He couldn’t see where they were headed as he was … Continue reading

Family Ties

Happy New Year to You all…. May the New Year bring in happiness to you and all that… It’s been quite some time since I blogged. What better way to bring in the New Year than having a new story? So here goes….. There was this family of 3 people. They were very devout Catholics. … Continue reading


“So what did my little girl do today?”   “I went to the park, appa. I played on the swings, and the slide for some time. Then I started watching people and observing them”   “Do you do that a lot, Ammu?”   “Yes, appa. And today, especially there was a young lady and man … Continue reading

A Perfect Husband

He entered the house with mixed feelings. He had come here a lot of times to have a drink though his friend’s wife didnt like it. A pretty woman, no doubt, but a nag. She had always been after her hubby and even though Raghu was well off, she always wanted more. But now she … Continue reading

Baesh Baesh – II

Part 1 is over here   Suppini had reservations….. not at her place, but about going to her place. Maybe it was the lure of coffee, maybe it was her or maybe it was both, the next Saturday saw him going to Sita’s place. As he pressed the bell, a range of questions went through … Continue reading

Baesh Baesh – I

She looked at him in exasperation as they mulled over the problem they had. The more they thought of it, the more morose they became. They had tried all possible suggested solutions, but none was useful. Suffice to say that, they were at their wit’s end. Oops, but sorry for plonking you in the middle … Continue reading

Free Ride

“At last”, he sighed as he typed the mail confirming the work he had done. He re checked the mail and sent it. He looked at the time. It was 11 PM. He thought of taking the company cab, but decided against it as he needed the car the next day. The security guy wished him as … Continue reading

Playing God

Swapna rummaged through her cupboard to find her photograph. She needed it to join her swimming classes. As it was her summer vacation, she wanted to do something useful. She couldn’t find the photo. But she remembered seeing it somewhere. Since her parents had gone out, she couldn’t ask her mother as well.  She then … Continue reading

Beer or TR?

This is not a logical story. Anything can happen here. Before reading this story, there are two rules that you should follow….. 1) I am always right. 2) If you have any doubt in the story, refer the first rule.  This happened a long time back in a place called KollyPettai. The place was a … Continue reading

Thicker than water

It had happened 2 years back. His friend, Ravi had had an accident at 8 PM and he was in urgent need of AB +ve blood. Ram’s blood was of the same group but he was in a dilemma he also had to reach the airport to catch the flight to the US. He had … Continue reading